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package foobar
import com.avioconsulting.ess.models.*
import com.avioconsulting.ess.factories.*
import org.joda.time.DateTimeZone
import org.joda.time.LocalDate
import org.joda.time.LocalTime
import java.time.DayOfWeek
class SimplyBetter implements JobDefinitionFactory, ScheduleFactory, JobRequestFactory {
JobDefinition createJobDefinition() {
new JobDefinition(jobType: JobDefinition.Types.SyncWebService,
description: 'the description4',
wsdlPath: '/some/wsdl6',
service: 'the_service_3',
port: 'the_port',
operation: 'the_operation',
message: '<message44/>',
name: 'SimplyBetter')
RecurringSchedule createSchedule() {
def holidays = [
].collect { dateStr -> new LocalDate(dateStr) }
ScheduleBuilder.getWeeklySchedule name: 'SimplyBetter',
displayName: 'the schedule',
description: 'Weekly schedule on mondays',
startDate: new LocalDate(2017, 1, 1),
endDate: new LocalDate(2017, 12, 31),
timeOfDay: new LocalTime(9, 15, 10),
timeZone: DateTimeZone.forID('America/Chicago'),
daysOfWeek: [DayOfWeek.MONDAY],
holidays: holidays,
alternateDirection: Direction.Backward
JobRequest createJobRequest() {
// remember the purpose of the job request is to tie together the schedule and job definition
// the reason for calling createSchedule() and createJobDefinition() is to make this dependency
// explicit and provide an easy way for the job request to be created and point to the name
// of the schedule/job definition
new JobRequest(description: 'recurring job',
schedule: createSchedule(),
jobDefinition: createJobDefinition())
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