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@github-actions github-actions released this Mar 12, 2020

Android CI


  1. alpha List of coding questions
  2. ongoing Code Editor
  3. (todo) Speech to Text
  4. (todo) Text to Code
  5. (todo) Context Awareness (AI - ide would guess what the user wants to code, in turn reducing user speech input)
  6. (To-do) Authentication
  7. (To-do) Payment option for going over the limit


4b2c900@Merge pull request #2 from aviral-garg/tab1 (included some android.yml changes as well)
03ae698@add ci
5a69d24@Implement Tab1.kt
8a6a3b3@data provider addition, refactoring and res values
4bef735@Material Theme HOC + Tabs skeleton- MainActivity.kt: Material Theme HOC + Tabs skeleton
7ca2cd6@Initial Commit

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