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If you would like to contribute, please open a ticket in JIRA:
Create the ticket in the COOK project and use the cookbook name as the
For all code contributions, we ask that contributors sign a
contributor license agreement (CLA). Instructions may be found here:
When contributing changes to individual cookbooks, please do not
modify the version number in the metadata.rb. Also please do not
update the for a new version. Not all changes to a
cookbook may be merged and released in the same versions. Opscode will
handle the version updates during the release process. You are welcome
to correct typos or otherwise make updates to documentation in the
If a contribution adds new platforms or platform versions, indicate
such in the body of the commit message(s), and update the relevant
COOK ticket. When writing commit messages, it is helpful for others if
you indicate the COOK ticket. For example:
git commit -m '[COOK-1041] Updated pool resource to correctly delete.'
In the ticket itself, it is also helpful if you include log output of
a successful Chef run, but this is not absolutely required.