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Andrew's Dotfiles

Sets up a shell environment with helpful "rc" files for working with with common tools. This package is organized as plugins that can be installed and organized independently.


Clone this repository to your home directory, e.g.:

git clone --recursive ~/.dotfiles
cd ~/.dotfiles

All installation is handled through the rake task. Run the default rake task for more info or see rake -T for a list of available plugins:

rake git:install   # ~/.gitexcludes ~/.gitconfig
rake install       # Install all / zsh / git / ruby / tmux / vim
rake ruby:install  # ~/.autotest ~/.gemrc ~/.irbrc ~/.railsrc ~/.rdebugrc
rake tmux:install  # ~/.tmux.conf
rake vim:install   # ~/.vimrc ~/.gvimrc ~/.vim
rake zsh:install   # ~/.zshrc

Each of these tasks runs the installer for a particular plugin. rake install will run all of them. Note that some of these will prompt you for user input such as your name and email for the git config.

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