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Infrastructure of avito-android project


Right now this project is just a way for us to work as open as possible,
and share ideas and its implementation with community.

If you plan to use some parts of our code, please let us know,
because we don't have any public API stability guarantees atm.

However, all code you see in develop is running right now in Avito,
and we rely on it to test and ship our apps.

Project documentation


Telegram chat (Russian)

Telegram chat (English)



Why do we do open source?

  • To get more feedback. We need outside perspective
  • To make the code easier to change through reusing
  • To share knowledge and solutions and make Android development better
  • To understand better through explanation
  • To supplement our presentations and articles by real production code
  • To make it easier to provide reproducible samples for bugs in external libraries

Special thanks to: