High performance and high-precision multithreaded StatsD server
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Sergey Noskov
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The StatsD server written in Rust


Bioyino is a distributed statsd-protocol server with carbon backend.


  • all basic metric types supported (gauge, counter, diff-counter, timer), new types are easy to be added
  • fault tolerant: metrics are replicated to all nodes in the cluster
  • clustering: all nodes gather and replicate metrics, but only leader sends metrics to backend
  • precise: 64-bit floats, full metric set is stored in memory (for metric types that require post-processing), no approximation algorithms involved
  • standalone: can work without external services
  • safety and security: written in memory-safe language
  • networking tries to do it's best to avoid dropping UDP packets as much as possible
  • networking is asynchronous
  • small memory footprint and low CPU consumption


Currently works in production at Avito, processing production-grade metric stream (~4M metrics per second on 3 nodes)


Do the usual Rust-program build-install cycle Please note, that building is always tested on latest stable version of Rust.

$ git clone <this repo>
$ cargo build --release && strip target/release/bioyno


To configure, please, see config.toml, all the options are listed there and all of them are commented.


You can help project by doing the following:

  • find TODOs/FIXMEs and unwraps in the code fix them and create a PR
  • solve issues
  • create issues to request new features
  • add new features, like new metric types
  • test the server on your environment and creating new issues if/when bugs found