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Proof of concept of using Sitecore JavaScript Services for Sitecore Commerce
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Proof of concept for using JSS with Commerce.


  • Windows 10 update 1809
  • Docker for Windows version >= 18.09.1
  • Visual Studio 15.5.3
  • Node > 10.0.0

Getting Started

  • Open a console en navigate to the repository root folder.

  • Build the project in Visual Studio and publish the projects to the \build folder

  • Copy your Sitecore license file (license.xml) to the .\license folder

  • Login in to the Docker repository using your Aviva credentials:

PS> az acr login --name avivasolutionsnl
  • Spin up the environment, make sure you are using windows and not linux containers:
PS> docker-compose up

To set the Docker container service names as DNS names on your host edit your hosts file. A convenient tool to automatically do this is whales-names.

Synchronize the development content by running Unicorn: http://sitecore/unicorn.aspx?verb=sync.

  • Install the JSS CLI

npm install -g @sitecore-jss/sitecore-jss-cli

  • Deploy the JSS app by opening a console in the app folder and running:
    • NPM install
    • jss deploy config
    • jss deploy files

The JSS content is already deployed by Unicorn

API Gateway

The API Gateway provides anonymous users a JWT which can be used to access Cart functionalities.

Run the API Gateway from the server/Gateway folder:

PS> dotnet watch run

Build docker images

  • Add the Habitat images package to the .\files folder
  • Run the docker script .\Build-docker-images.ps1
  • Publish the docker images, for example:
docker push
docker push

Headless SSR mode

To use the Headless mode, build the application:

PS app> jss build

Next copy the build artefacts to a dist directory:

PS app> cp -R build/* dist/app/

The dist/app directory is configured as sitecoreDistPath and in headless-ssr-proxy.js and headless-ssr-proxy-config.js.

Next you can run the SSR proxy using:

PS app> npm run start:headless

This will start an Express JS server as reverse-proxy.

You can now navigate to http://localhost:3000 to visit the site.

More details about the various deployment modes you can find here.

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