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A web server written in bash

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bashttpd is a simple, configurable web server written in bash


  1. bash, any recent version should work
  2. socat or netcat to handle the underlying sockets (I.e., 'socat TCP4-LISTEN:8080 EXEC:/usr/local/bin/bashttpd', or 'netcat -lp 8080 -e ./bashttpd')
  3. A healthy dose of insanity

Getting started:

  1. Running bashttpd for the first time will generate a default configuration file, bashttpd.conf
  2. Review bashttpd.conf and configure it as you want.
  3. Run bashttpd using netcat or socat, as listed above.


  1. Serves text and HTML files
  2. Shows directory listings
  3. Allows for configuration based on the client-specified URI


  1. Does not support authentication
  2. Doesn't strictly adhere to the HTTP spec.


  1. Only rudimentary input handling. We would not running this on a public machine.

HTTP protocol support: 403: Returned when a directory is not listable, or a file is not readable 400: Returned when the first word of the first line is not GET 200: Returned with valid content Content-type: Bashttpd uses /usr/bin/file to determine the MIME type to sent to the browser 1.0: The server doesn't support Host: headers or other HTTP/1.1 features - it barely supports HTTP/1.0!

As always, your patches/pull requests are welcome!


"If anyone installs that anywhere, they might meet a gruesome end with a rusty fork" --- BasHTTPd creator, maintainer

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