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Configuration-based, no-maintenance, extendable Ruby on Rails admin

Avo is a beautiful next-generation framework that empowers you, the developer, to create fantastic admin panels for your Ruby on Rails apps with the flexibility to fit your needs as you grow.

Get started

Twitter: avo_hq
Community chat: discord
Issue tracker: GitHub issues
Discussions and feature requests: GitHub issues


  • Powered by Hotwire - Rails ❤️ Hotwire
  • Code driven configuration - Configure your Rails dashboard entirely by writing Ruby code.
  • Resource Management - Create a CRUD interface for Active Record from one command. No more copy-pasting view and controller files around.
  • Resource Search - Quickly run a search through one or more resources at once.
  • Active Storage support - Amazingly easy, one-line, single or multi-file integration with ActiveStorage.
  • Grid view - Beautiful card layout to showcase your content.
  • Actions - Run custom actions to one or more of your resources with as little as pressing a button 💪
  • Filters - Write your own custom filters to quickly segment your data.
  • Keeps your app clean - You don't need to change your app to use Avo. Drop it in your existing app or add it to a new one and you're done 🙌
  • Custom fields- No worries if we missed a field you need. Generate a custom field in a jiffy.
  • Custom tools - You need to add a page with something completely new, you've got it!
  • Authorization - Leverage Pundit policies to build a robust and scalable authorization system.
  • Localization - Have it available in any language you need.
  • No asset pipeline pollution - Bring your own asset pipeline.
  • Dashboard widgets and metrics* - Customize your dashboard with the tools and analytics you need.
  • Themable* - Dress it up into your own colors.

*Features still under development


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'avo'

And then execute:

$ bundle install

Quick Purchase

Use this link to quickly purchase a Pro license to support this project. Thank you 🙏



Upgrade Guide

Please read the UPGRADE_GUIDE.MD