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Ruby on Rails application building framework.

Avo is a beautiful next-generation framework that empowers you, the developer, to create fantastic admin panels for your Ruby on Rails apps with the flexibility to fit your needs as you grow.

Get started

⚡️ Install:
📚 Documentation:
🗺 Roadmap: GitHub Roadmap
🎸 Demo app: Avodemo
🐤 Twitter: avo_hq
💬 Community chat: discord
🔧 Issue tracker: GitHub issues
🎙 Discussions and feature requests: GitHub issues


  • Powered by Hotwire - Rails ❤️ Hotwire
  • Code driven configuration - Configure your Rails dashboard entirely by writing Ruby code. docs
  • Resource Management - Create a CRUD interface for Active Record from one command. No more copy-pasting view and controller files around.
  • Dashboard widgets and metrics - Create metrics, charts, and custom cards amazingly fast. docs
  • Resource Search - Quickly run a search through one or more resources at once. docs
  • Associations enabled - Link your models together with all types of associations (belongs_to, has_many, polymorphic, etc.). docs
  • Fuzzy-searchable associations - Do you have a ton of records and don't want to scroll through a big dropdown? Avo's got you covered. docs
  • Active Storage support - Amazingly easy, one-line, single or multi-file integration with ActiveStorage. docs
  • Records Ordering - Sorting records is a breeze. docs
  • Grid view - Beautiful card layout to showcase your content. docs
  • Actions - Run custom actions to one or more of your resources with as little as pressing a button 💪   docs
  • Filters - Write your own custom filters to quickly segment your data. docs
  • Keeps your app clean - You don't need to change your app to use Avo. Drop it in your existing app or add it to a new one and you're done 🙌 docs
  • Custom fields- No worries if we missed a field you need. Generate a custom field in a jiffy. docs
  • Custom tools - Break out of the CRUD. Do you need to add a page with something completely new? You've got it! docs
  • Authorization - Leverage Pundit policies to build a robust and scalable authorization system. docs
  • Localization - Have it available in any language you need. docs
  • No asset pipeline pollution - Bring your own asset pipeline. docs
  • Mobile interface - Check your data on the go from any mobile device.
  • Tabbed interface - Conditionally show the data you need
  • Menu builder - Group and surface information as you need to
  • Branding - Make it look

Some of the things we're going to focus on next

Theming ⭐️  notifications ⭐️  Resource segmentation ⭐️  filterable fields ⭐️  inline editing ⭐️  multilingual records ⭐️  keyboard shortcuts ⭐️  track resource changes ⭐️  smart resource generation ⭐️  live resources ⭐️  columns view ⭐️  list view ⭐️  custom action items ⭐️  command bar ⭐️   use fields DSL in your custom views

For more up-to-date info check out our 🗺 Roadmap.


Use this RailsBytes template to get started quick rails app:template LOCATION=''. If you need a more detailed guide, follow this page.



Upgrade Guide

Please read the UPGRADE_GUIDE.MD

Release schedule

Please read the RELEASE.MD


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