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Nov 17, 2020


Release 83.0

@clebergnu clebergnu released this Sep 13, 2020 · 125 commits to master since this release

The Avocado team is proud to present another release: Avocado 82.0,
AKA "Avengers: Endgame", is now available!

This release is also an :ref:LTS<rfc-long-term-stability> Release,
with a different :ref:Release Notes<lts_82_0> that covers the
changes since :ref:69.x LTS<lts_69_0>.

Release documentation: Avocado 82.0 <>_

Bug Fixes

  • Avocado can now find tests on classes that are imported using
    relative import statements with multiple classes. Previously
    only the first class imported in such a statement was properly

  • avocado run will now create test suites without an automatic
    (and usually very verbose) name, but instead without a name, given
    that there will be only one suite on such jobs. This restores
    the avocado run behavior users expected and are used to.

  • Hint files are now being respected again, this time within the
    context of test suite creation.

  • Filtering by tags is now working properly when using the resolver,
    that is, when using avocado list --resolver -t $tag -- $reference.

  • Test suites now properly respect the configuration given to them, as
    opposed to using a configuration composed by the default registered
    option values.

  • Fixed the "elapsed time" produced by the avocado-instrumented
    nrunner runner (that is, avocado-runner-avocado-instrumented).

  • avocado --verbose list --resolver -- $reference has reinstated
    the presentation of failed resolution information, which is useful
    for understanding why a test reference was not resolved into a test.

  • The "legacy replay plugin", that is, avocado run --replay, can
    now replay a subset of tests based on their status.

  • The avocado diff command won't crash anymore if given
    sysinfo files with binary content. It will log the issue, and
    not attempt to present binary differences.

  • The HTML report generated by avocado diff now runs properly
    and won't crash.

  • The asset fetcher plugin won't crash anymore due to differences in
    the AST based node attributes.

  • :class:avocado.utils.process.FDDrainer now properly respects the
    presence and absence of newlines produced when running new processes
    via and friends. This also fixes
    tests that relied on the "output check" feature because of missing

  • The nrunner plugin will now always display test status in the
    most natural order, that is, STARTED before PASS or

  • The nrunner plugin will now properly set the job status in case
    of test failures, resulting in the job (and avocado run) exit
    status to properly signal failures.

  • A vast documentation review was performed, with many fixes and

For more information, please check out the complete
Avocado changelog: 81.0...82.0

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