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Inofficial Magento 2 Roadmap
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This is an unofficial Magento 2 Roadmap. The idea is to have a single point where you can find new stuff that is planned for Magento 2. This should make it easier for everyone of us dealing with Magento 2 to plan ahead.

no date

  • Magento 2.4
    • Advanced Reporting (Source: Twitter)
  • not specified
    • CMS Enhancements (Source: Twitter)
    • Expanded API Coverage (Source: Twitter)


  • Magento 2.3
    • Business-Friendly Page Builder (Enterprise Only) (formerly known as Bluefoot CMS?) (Source: DevBlog, Twitter, Twitter)
    • Amazon 3rd Party Sales Channel (Source: Twitter)
    • Progressive Web App (Source: DevBlog, Twitter)
      • PWA Developer Studio
      • Client-side performance
    • GraphQL 1.0 - new Web API - flexible and fast - to help facilitate PWA (some features not till 2.4)
    • Multi-Source Inventory 1.0 (Source: Twitter)
    • Declarative DB schema (facilitates rollbacks + more), old way deprecated in future (2.4+)- Asynchronous Web API (+ bulk web API)
    • Message Queue moved to Open Source
    • Elasticsearch moved to Open Source and supports v5 - may be default search in future
    • PHP 7.2 support - breaking changes and mycrypt compatibility support
    • mycrypt replaced with libsodium in future patch version
    • Removal of many Zend framework dependencies
    • Composer package versions removed from composer.json
    • WYSIWYG upgrade - TinyMCE from v3 -> v4 (3 still supported until 2.4)
    • EAP (Early Access Program) available for partners
    • Beta version can be installed in 2.3
    • Full version in 2.3.x patch release (and on Magento Marketplace)
      • Import / export improvements
    • Fine grained cache management ACL
    • Google reCaptcha and 2 factor authentication

Soure: Annoucnements from Magento Imagine 2018.


  • Magento 2.2
    • Magento Shipping
    • Magento Social
    • Magento B2B (part of Magento EE)
    • Release expected September 2017 (Source: Twitter)


  • Q4/2016, Q1/2017: Magento B2B
    • Magento Enterprise B2B for EE (Source: Twitter)
    • No longer part of 2.2 (Source: Partner Sales and MCOM Training, July 2016)
  • 23.06.2016: Magento 2.1 (Source: Magento Blog)
    • Staging & Preview (EE only)
    • Elasticsearch (EE only)
    • Enterprise Cloud Edition (EE only)
    • Simplified PCI Compliance
    • Improvements to Magento Admin



Contributions are highly welcome to keep this list up to date. If you add a new item to the roadmap list, please provide a link to the source as well. Thanks!

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