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with dummy sample steps

My prefered style is blocking the assets pipeline and using standard imports with simple sharing sass variables

Important! I don't like place where

   = yield :head

where put in the application.html.haml

classic sample application layout

    // meta title other stuff here
    = stylesheets_include_tag 'application'
    = yield :head_css # after application css
    = javascript_include_tag 'application'
    = yield  :head_js # after application.js
    = yield

or in more complex projects

    = yield :head_before_css # may be loaded before application
    = stylesheets_include_tag 'application'
    = yield :head_css # or after
    = yield :head_before_js
    = javascript_include_tag 'application'
    = yield  :head_js
    = yield

In general the sollutions for the code FIX or LEAVE, here I left sass/js as is :)

At work I use many yields

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title><%= content_for?(:title) ? (yield :title) : 'Homepage' %></title>
    <%= yield :meta_refresh %>
    <%= yield :meta_search %>
    <%= yield :meta_desc %>
    <%= yield :meta %>
    <%= stylesheet_link_tag "application", :media => "screen" %>
    <%- if current_admin_user %>
      <%= stylesheet_link_tag "admin_panel", :media => "screen" %>
    <% end %>
    <%= stylesheet_link_tag "print", :media => "print" %>
    <%= yield :head_css %>
    <%= javascript_include_tag "application" %>
    <%= yield :head_js %>
    <%= yield :head # for inline scripts %>

here I can load meta tags for google from the database and do few more tricks :)

yield doesn't hurt it helps :)

Extra ticket should been provided for split looooong scss files to small pieces for better readability



Looks good!


thx ... a bit better than colours on carousel bars ;)



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