feature - fetching data from kansalaisaloite.fi #303

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# fetch from details according range ids 1..50
rake kansalaisaloite:fetch_range

# fetch new from index page
rake kansalaisaloite:fetch_index

# run with cron
rake kansalaisaloite:cron:enable
rake kansalaisaloite:cron:disable

fail PR

Whenever have no write access to heroku dynos cron_tab

To controll cron tasks on heroku use add-ons for it :/

All of them use extra dyno for processing

if we didn't plan extra dyno for background processing

the only way to do it without extra dyno, only additional admin_panel controller actions

The "all_in_one" field in ideas table bad smell. We don't need to keep twice attributes for each external idea we need extra attributs but not packed in one field :/

2 extra actions in admin_panel + additional small table of fetched_ideas)

fetch_ideas_from(kansalaisaloite.fi) button nr 1 it only fetch the ideas from external service (for speedup)
compare_fetched_ideas button nr 2 action which compare/check ideas from fetched_ideas table for duplicates and save/update existed real ideas

cons... it needs human activity to work

advantages... it works without extra dyno

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