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ijmc commented Feb 1, 2013

Application is available at http://avoinministerio-ijmc.herokuapp.com/ with following features added.

  • Proposals are picked randomly
  • When Proposal is ended (completed) it is not appear on front page.Only on-going proposals are appeared.
  • If there are 1-3 Proposals then one line, if 4-6 Proposals then two lines and if >6 then there is carousel for rolling both lines concurrently.
  • Collecting started and collecting ended dates are appear. The date format is Finnish
  • Bottom progress shows how far we are from getting those 50000 signatures.
  • Paper form signature also incorporated, the figure shows both online+paper signatures
    The bar is "all green", growing from left to right, from 0 to 50,000. The final figure can be more than 50 000,
    thus the number should be correct but the bar is stopped at 100%

Imran Jamil Malik

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