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Cotizaciones del Paraguay

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Simple webpage and API that provides exchange information of current exchange Rates of currencies in relation to the Paraguayan Guarani.

The API gather information from various popular exchange sites in Paraguay, currently includes:

  • Cambios Chaco
  • Cambios Alberdi
  • Cambios MyD
  • Cambios Amambary
  • MaxiCambios


By default the server starts at port 8080.

  • Current currencies: /api/exchange/
  • Today exchange of Currency: /api/exchange/{currency}

Develop endpoints

This endpoints are only available in develop mode (develop spring profile), and are disabled in production

  • Init exchange places: /api/places/init
  • Query current exchange: /api/places/doQuery


The step required to compile this application are stored in the main Dockerfile.

Back end

  1. You need java 8
  2. Execute in the root ./mvnw package

Front end

  1. You need npm
  2. Execute in the client folder npm run build


The system query the data every 10 minutes, and are only enabled in production profile.

CI and CD

This project is in an continuous delivery:

  1. The code is hosted in Github
  2. On a push (or a merge request), the travis CI is trigger and a new image is generated (avolpe/cotizacion)
  3. A web hook is invoked to the server (
  4. The server pull the new image and restart



  • Make the database a volume (now it restart every time)
  • Add a chart to show the exchange evolution.
  • Add a map to show the shortest path to get the best exchange.


This work is released under The MIT License

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