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RadiantCMS extension for concurrent drafts
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Concurrent Draft

The ConcurrentDraft extension enables draft versions of pages, snippets and layouts, which can be scheduled for promotion to Production. Every such artifact (page, snippet or layout) can have a concurrent draft version, which will be displayed in development mode, and a promoted live version, which will be displayed in production mode.

Created by: Andrew vonderLuft and Sean Cribbs, August 2008, in Portland Oregon

Version History

  • 1.0.x – Compatible with Blade UI – 0.9 and above
  • 0.8.0 – Compatible with Radiant 0.8.0 and above
  • 0.7.1 – Compatible with Radiant 0.7.1


  • Radiant 0.9 or greater
  • Radiant 0.7.x – 0.8.x use appropriate tag


From the Radiant Extension Registry

  1. From your RAILS_ROOT run:
    script/extension install concurrent_draft
  2. Restart your app
    NOTE: In some earlier versions of Radiant, the migrations may not run, and the assets may not be copied and you may therefore need to run:
    rake radiant:extensions:concurrent_draft:migrate
    rake radiant:extensions:concurrent_draft:update

From Github

  1. From your RAILS_ROOT run:
    cd vendor/extensions
    git clone git:// ./concurrent_draft
    cd ../../
    rake radiant:extensions:concurrent_draft:migrate
    rake radiant:extensions:concurrent_draft:update
  2. Restart your app

Using the gem

  1. Install the gem
    gem install radiant-concurrent_draft-extension
  2. Update your Radiant config: add to environment.rb with other gem.configs
    config.gem ‘radiant-concurrent_draft-extension’, :lib => false
  3. Run database migrations
    rake db:migrate:extensions
  4. Copy assets
    rake radiant:extensions:update_all
  5. Restart your app


Scheduled times are dependent on the ActiveRecord time setting. If you want to use local time, add this to your environment.rb:

config.active_record.default_timezone = :local

To do

  • Add draft controls to Page Index view, probably in the Status column.


  • Andrew conceived of the ideas for this extension and its initial design, and did model changes, migrations, and initial code for pages.
  • Sean collaborated on its expansion and refactoring to include snippets and layouts, and produced most of the final code, including all of the UI.
  • Andrew refactored the UI for Radiant 0.9 and higher, added i18n, and gemified the extension.
  • After some discussion, they rightly identified the mystery piece as a Haydn Cello concerto.
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