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Chaplin 0.6.0 (unreleased)

  • Added support for reversing & naming of routes.
  • Added names option to Chaplin.Router#match, which allows to name route’s regular expression matches.
  • Moved Chaplin.View#wrapMethod to Chaplin.utils.wrapMethod.
  • Chaplin.View#dispose will now throw an error if Chaplin.View#initialize was called without super.
  • Router options are now allowed to be passed in many places. New signatures are:
    • !router:route global event: path, options, callback (old sig is supported too)
    • !startupController global event: controllerName, action, params, options
    • Dispatcher#matchRoute: route, params, options
    • Controller#redirectTo: path or (controllerName, action, params, options)

Chaplin 0.5.0 (November 15, 2012)

  • Improved and stabilized codebase.
  • Moved Chaplin.Subscriber to Chaplin.EventBroker, which now mixins publishEvent method to children.
  • Added Chaplin.Delayer, which sets unique and named timeouts and intervals so they can be cleared afterwards when disposing objects.
  • Added autoRender option to Chaplin.CollectionView, like Chaplin.View. Defaults to true, replaces old render option.
  • Added serialize method to collections
  • Removed CollectionView#viewsByCid and CollectionView#removeView in favor of consistent View#subview and View#removeSubview.
  • Removed CollectionView#initSyncMachine.
  • Removed trigger, on and off methods from Chaplin.mediator.
  • Allowed passing of multiple event types to View#delegate.
  • Made various aspects of Chaplin.Layout configurable.

Chaplin 0.4.0 (June 28, 2012)

  • A lot of various global changes.
  • Added tests for all components.
  • Chaplin now can be used as a standalone library.

Chaplin 0.3.0 (March 23, 2012)

  • Bug fix: In CollectionView, get the correct item position when rendering the item view. Fixes the rendering of sorted Collections. Before the fix, the item views might have been displayed in the wrong order. (@rendez)

Chaplin 0.2.0 (March 09, 2012)

  • Fixed correct unsubscribing of global handlers when disposing a collection.
  • The codebase now uses consistent code style (@paulmillr).

Chaplin 0.1.0 (February 26, 2012)

  • Initial release.
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