A Javascript color library. Quickly manipulate and convert colors.
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A small Javascript library for quickly manipulating and converting colors.


Spectra can be wrapped around many different types of objects to create a Spectra color that can be manipulated.

var color = Spectra({r: 255, g: 25, b: 75});
color.red() // 255


The project was created to have a highly functional and lightweight way to deal with colors using Javascript, without any dependencies.


Simply download spectra.min.js and include it before your source files.


The bower package is at spectrajs.

bower install spectrajs


This module also works with Node. Simply run npm install spectra and use var Spectra = require('spectra') to set it up.

API Reference

Refer to http://avp.github.io/spectra for reference on how to use Spectra.


There are Jasmine tests included in the tests folder. Simply run grunt test from the root of the repository to run the tests. This also checks JSHint. Alternatively, run grunt to keep watch over source and test files, and automatically rerun the tests when the files change.


Test coverage information can be generated by running grunt karma. Coverage information will be located in test/coverage after generation.


To minify Spectra, run grunt build.


View CONTRIBUTING.md for guidelines on how to contribute.