CPMlib - Cartesian Partition Manager provides functions to manage parallel regions in domain decomposition method, to communicate with other processes and so on.
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CPMlib - Computational space Partitioning Management library

  • Copyright (c) 2012-2014 Institute of Industrial Science (IIS), The University of Tokyo. All rights reserved.
  • Copyright (c) 2014-2016 Advanced Institute for Computational Science (AICS), RIKEN. All rights reserved.
  • Copyright (c) 2016-2017 Research Institute for Information Technology (RIIT), Kyushu University. All rights reserved.


CPMlib is a C++ class library to efficiently assist the development of unsteady physical simulators. This library provides functions, such as the management of partitioned subdomains by domain decomposition method and wrapper functions for neighbor and global communications.


  • Cmake
  • MPI library
  • TextParser
  • PMlib(option for a code array example)


ChangeLog.md      History of development
License.txt       License to apply
Readme.md         This document, including the description of build
cmake/            Modules of cmake
doc/              Documents
Examples/         Example source codes
include/          Header files
src/              Source codes



$ export CC=c_compiler CXX=c++_compiler F90=fortran_compiler FC=fortran_compiler
$ export PM_HOME=/hogehoge
$ mkdir BUILD
$ cd BUILD
$ cmake [options] ..
$ make
$ sudo make install


-D INSTALL_DIR=install_directory

Specify the directory that this library will be installed. Built library is installed at install_directory/lib and the header files are placed at install_directory/include. The default install directory is /usr/local/CPMlib.

-D real_type= {float | double}

Specify the type of floating point. If this option is omitted, the default is float.

-D enable_LMR= {no | yes}

This option allows you to use LMR framework. The default is no.

-D with_MPI= {yes | no}

If you use an MPI library, specify with_MPI=yes, the default is yes. If 'no', -DDISABLE_MPI is added to compile option.

-D with_example= {no | yes}

This option turns on compiling sample codes. The default is no.

-D with_TP= Installed_directory

Specify the directory path that TextParser is installed.

The default compiler options are described in cmake/CompilerOptionSelector.cmake file. See BUILD OPTION section in CMakeLists.txt in detail.

Configure Examples

$ export CMP_HOME=hogehoge

In following exsmples, assuming that TextParser and PMlib are installed under the CPM_HOME directory. If not, please specify applicable directory paths.

INTEL/GNU compiler

$ cmake -DINSTALL_DIR=${CPM_HOME}/CPMlib -Dwith_MPI=yes -Dreal_type=float -Denable_LMR=no -Dwith_example=no -Dwith_TP=${CPM_HOME}/TextParser ..

FUJITSU compiler / FX10, FX100, K on login nodes (Cross compilation) and Fujitsu TCS environment for intel PC

$ cmake -DINSTALL_DIR=${CPM_HOME}/CPMlib \
        -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=../cmake/Toolchain_fx10.cmake \
        -Dwith_MPI=yes \
        -Dreal_type=float \
				-Denable_LMR=no \
				-Dwith_example=no \
				-Dwith_TP=${CPM_HOME}/TextParser ..

$ cmake -DINSTALL_DIR=${CPM_HOME}/CPMlib \
        -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=../cmake/Toolchain_fx100.cmake \
				-Dwith_MPI=yes \
				-Dreal_type=float \
				-Denable_LMR=no \
				-Dwith_example=no \
				-Dwith_TP=${CPM_HOME}/TextParser ..

$ cmake -DINSTALL_DIR=${CPM_HOME}/CPMlib \
        -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=../cmake/Toolchain_K.cmake \
				-Dwith_MPI=yes \
				-Dreal_type=float \
				-Denable_LMR=no \
				-Dwith_example=no \
				-Dwith_TP=${CPM_HOME}/TextParser ..

$ cmake -DINSTALL_DIR=${CPM_HOME}/CPMlib \
        -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=../cmake/Toolchain_intel_F_TCS.cmake \
				-Dwith_MPI=yes \
				-Dreal_type=float \
				-Denable_LMR=no \
				-Dwith_example=no \
				-Dwith_TP=${CPM_HOME}/TextParser ..
  • On Fujitsu machines(fx10, K, fx100), confirm appropriate directrory path for compiler environment.
  • Before building, execute following command for clean. $ make distclean


  • If you specify the test option by -Denable_example=yes, you can execute the intrinsic tests by;

    $ make test or $ ctest

  • The detailed results are written in build/Testing/Temporary/LastTest.log file. Meanwhile, the summary is displayed for stdout.


  • Kenji Ono keno@{cc.kyushu-u.ac, riken}.jp
  • Yasuhiro Kawashima