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aurelia plugin for long-click event
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aurelia plugin for long-click event.

License: MIT Issues

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Total alerts Language grade: JavaScript DeepScan grade

How to Use

install the plugin using yarn or npm.

yarn add aurelia-long-click-event
npm install aurelia-long-click-event

initialize the plugin in your main.js or main.ts.

  import { PLATFORM } from "aurelia-pal";

+    .plugin(PLATFORM.moduleName("aurelia-long-click-event"));

you can pass optional configuration to control the name of the long-click event (defaults to "long-click"), and the click duration (defaults to 500 ms).

  import { LongClickConfig } from "aurelia-long-click-event"; // (TS users can use this interface for strongly typed config)
    .plugin(PLATFORM.moduleName("aurelia-long-click-event"), { longClickEventName: "long-click", clickDurationMS: 500 });

now you can register callbacks to the event just like any regular event (using trigger or delegate)

<button long-click.delegate="longClick()">long click me</button>

plugin was build using:

How to build and run sample

  • npm run watch

    • Launches sample and watches src folder
    • it does the type-checking and ts-lints on every save
    • open http://localhost:4444 to see the plugin in action.
  • npm run build

    • Produces amd/commonjs/system/es2015 builds
    • This will NOT emit/update files if you have any typescript or tslint errors

I Need help regarding how to test the plugin - PR welcome

How to run unit tests

  • To run the unit test with Jest run : npm run test:unit
    • Watch mode: npm run test:unit -- --watch
    • See the coverage: npm run test:unit -- --coverage

How to run E2E tests

  • Simply run: npm run test:e2e
    • Make sure you've run the sample prior to the e2e test by running the npm watch command.
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