Python wrapper for the Zotero API
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A Python wrapper for the Zotero API. You'll require a user ID and access key, which can be set up here.

See Read The Docs or for full documentation of available methods. The package itself also includes complete documentation in HTML, PDF and ePub formats.


  • using pip: pip install pyzotero
  • From a local clone, if you wish to install Pyzotero from a specific branch:


git clone git://
cd pyzotero
git checkout dev
pip install .

I assume that running will also work using easy_install, but I haven't tested it.

The feedparser (>= v5.0.1) module is required. It should automatically be installed when installing pyzotero using pip.


Run in the pyzotero directory, or, using Nose, nosetests from the top-level directory.