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Original Publisher, Orginal Publisher Place and Original Date (for book and bookSection) #13

rmzelle opened this Issue · 8 comments

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New fields, "Original Publisher"/originalPublisher, "Orginal Publisher Place"/originalPublisherPlace and "Original Date"/originalDate, should be added to book and bookSection, and mapped to original-publisher, original-publisher-place and original-date in CSL.


r+ in principle. Bruce, how do we model this in BIBO?


How about original title - both for translated books and for books initially published under a different title. see here;


Original title and original language are definitely needed. In humanities, the translator is often not enough.


I also was looking for a Original title / original published field, because I have the trouble that original text was printed in a Journal first with a different title, than the nowadays known title of a book.


I'd like to stress how important is this feature for social scientists. For some it's clearly a showstopper, and there's no good workaround for it for style authors. Is it so hard to add? Why? Any way I can help?


This isn't the right place for questions&comments except for details of implementation. Any comments and concerns, post to the Zotero forums, but we have answered your question there multiple times and in great detail, a quick search will get you there.


Actually my questions were about the implementation details.


no, look at some of the other issues here. What this tracker is for is how specific things are going to be implemented: is there going to be a new item type? Is there going to be a new field? What is it going to get mapped to which variable in CSL? None of this is controversial here. There are going to be fields and the CSL variables already exist. There is no need for further discussion, best I can tell.

The technical details of why this (like all other field changes/additions) is taking so long are re-hashed about half a dozen times in the thread pinned at the top of the Zotero forums.

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