A "Slack clone" with React, Socket.io, Node.js & MongoDB
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** I'm not going to actively maintain this repo anymore (since Feb 2017), but feel free to fork the project or create PRs **

Possible future improvements:

  • Receive ACKs for outgoing socket.io events
  • Separate the repository to front & back repositories from the current monolithic approach
  • Add state container such as Redux
  • Refactor both server & client side code
  • Add front end specific tests with e.g. Jest, enzyme
  • Get rid of mutable stuff
  • Considering using CSS-in-JS, e.g. styled-components
  • Optimization
    • More advanced webpack config
    • Prerendering
    • Code splitting

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Slack clone - A real time chat service

Demo: https://zh47.herokuapp.com


  • React
  • Socket.io
  • Express
  • Node.js
  • MongoDB

I didn't use any state container (like Redux) yet, but it might be useful in the future to avoid passing data between components.

User stories

  • Users can choose a nickname
  • Users can join chatrooms of their own choosing
  • Users can send messages to other users


  • Mobile-friendly UI (Material-UI)
  • Stores messages on the server (only messages from channels are saved at the moment, but it's quite easy to extend it to support private messages also)
  • Supports multiple logged clients at the same time from one user (e.g. desktop & mobile clients)
  • Authentication is made with Passport.js which makes other sign up methods easy to implement (e.g. Facebook OAuth)
  • Highlights unread conversations
  • Keeps list of online users in real time

Install & run

The server includes webpack-dev-middleware & webpack-hot-middleware to show code changes on browser without refreshing

yarn start

Testing (Mocha & Chai)

Most of the real time and routes api are covered in the tests.

yarn test

Coverage report (Istanbul)

Coverage report can be generated by running

yarn coverage

Linting (ESlint)

yarn lint

to fix most of the warnings automatically:

yarn lint:fix