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Micro Dependency Injection Framework for Java (~10Kb)

Sample Usage

public interface Foo {
  int foo();

public interface Bar {
  int bar();

public class FooImpl implements Foo {
  @Override public int foo() { return 1; }

public class BarImpl implements Bar {
  @Resource private Foo foo;

  @Override public int bar() { return 10 +; }

// usage:
InjectionContext context = new DefaultInjectionContext();
context.registerBean(new FooImpl());
context.registerBean(new BarImpl());
context.freeze(); // "locks" context, so that it becames read-only

final Foo foo = context.getBean(Foo.class);
// actions on foo

Compiling from sources and installing to the local maven repository

Just do mvn clean install in source folder

Adding to maven project with minimal fuss

Add jar dependency in your pom.xml:


Have fun!