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import Distribution.Simple
import Distribution.Simple.InstallDirs
import Distribution.Simple.LocalBuildInfo
import Distribution.PackageDescription
import System
-- After Epic is built, we need a run time system.
-- FIXME: This is probably all done the wrong way, I don't really understand
-- Cabal properly...
buildLib args flags desc local
= do exit <- system "make -C evm"
return ()
-- This is a hack. I don't know how to tell cabal that a data file needs
-- installing but shouldn't be in the distribution. And it won't make the
-- distribution if it's not there, so instead I just delete
-- the file after configure.
postConfLib args flags desc local
= do exit <- system "make -C evm clean"
return ()
addPrefix pfx var c = "export " ++ var ++ "=" ++ show pfx ++ "/" ++ c ++ ":$" ++ var
postInstLib args flags desc local
= do let pfx = prefix (installDirTemplates local)
exit <- system $ "make -C evm install PREFIX=" ++ show pfx
return ()
main = defaultMainWithHooks (simpleUserHooks { postBuild = buildLib,
postConf = postConfLib,
postInst = postInstLib })