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(* DO NOT EDIT (digest: 45078f0870e731f835fc2cd1d2cef2ea) *)
This is the README file for the aws distribution.
AWS client for Amazon Web Services
Package to provide OCaml client access to Amazon services : S3, EC2, SQS,
SDB, FPS, IAM, DynamoDb, SES.
Aws depends directly on the following packages:
- netstring - cryptokit - calendar - lwt - xmlm - yojson
It also depends on one of those packages:
- [cohttp fork] (
- ocsigen (--enable-ocsigen) (default)
the cohttp driver does not support ssl for now. Some services (e.g. Ses may
no be available when using cohttp)
All of the packages except the [cohttp fork] are available via OPAM.
See the files INSTALL.txt for building and installation instructions.
Home page: