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Latency benchmarks of Unix IPC mechanisms
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resolve Merge branch 'master' of
results Result from Core2Quad notebook
web/processing correct typo in html output script
xen/mini-os Tidy up a little.
.gitignore Adding the first batch of raw results.
Makefile Makefile: remove duplicated line.
README Licensed the software under the MIT license Merge branch 'master' of Remove -t option to save disk space, and stop checking the return cod…
atomicio.c add atomicio and utility functions
atomicio.h add atomicio and utility functions
futex.h Split the futex-y operations out into a header file rather than
futex_lat.c Add a -n option which allows you to specify which NUMA node shared
mempipe_lat.c Merge branch 'master' of git://
mempipe_thr.c Merge branch 'master' into openbsd
pipe_lat.c Support latency tests
pipe_thr.c Fix compilation with asserts enabled. Fix latency data generation.
shm.c various compile fixes to work on MacOS X. Disable shm test for now.
shmem_pipe_thr.c Merge branch 'master' of git://
stats.c Move summarise_tsc_counters.c back into the main test pipeline, so
summarise_tsc_counters.c Move summarise_tsc_counters.c back into the main test pipeline, so
tcp_lat.c Merge branch 'master' into openbsd
tcp_local_lat.c cleanup of the various tests and more structured output for graphing
tcp_thr.c Fix compilation with asserts enabled.
test.c add Darwin support also (not run, just compile tested so far)
test.h Merge branch 'master' of git://
unix_lat.c Support latency tests
unix_thr.c various header file fixes for portability, most notably include <sys/…
vmsplice_pipe_thr.c Fix compilation with asserts enabled.
xutil.c Merge branch 'openbsd'
xutil.h Merge branch 'master' into openbsd



Some very crude IPC benchmarks.

ping-pong latency benchmarks:
* pipes
* unix domain sockets
* tcp sockets

throughput benchmarks:
* pipes
* unix doamin sockets
* tcp sockets

one way latency benchmarks:
* shm

The shared memory benchmark is a kind of "control". If run under a
real-time OS it will give you the intra core communication

This software is distributed under the MIT License.
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