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# This script runs the following battery of tests:
# Chunk sizes: 64, 4096, 65536
# Test types: pipe, unix, tcp, tcp-nodelay, vmsplice-coop, shmem-pipe, mempipe-futex, mempipe-spin
# The latter 3 tests are repeated with a "safe" form that has the writer copy the data from shared memory before verification
# All tests use rep stosq to write buffers (data is the iteration count) and rep scasq to verify at the reader.
# All tests work in place so far as their underlying transport allows (so pipes involve 2 copies, vmsplice involves 1, rings involve 0).
# All tests will be repeated to test bandwidth between cores named on the command line: see below...
# Parameters for this script: 1st parameter is an output directory (will be created; all tests will be stored below this)
# All following parameters must be integers denoting a core followed by another denoting a numa node.
# If you supply x y z w we will test 0-x allocating from node y, 0-z allocating from node w.
# We omit the mempipe-spin 0-0 test if it would otherwise be run as it's stupid.
import sys
import errno
import subprocess
import os
output_dir = sys.argv[1]
except OSError as e:
if e.errno == errno.EEXIST:
if len(sys.argv) % 2 == 1:
raise Exception("Must specify an even number of integer arguments after the output directory")
target_args = [str(int(x)) for x in sys.argv[2:]]
target_cores = []
next_core = None
for s in target_args:
if next_core is None:
next_core = s
target_cores.append((next_core, s))
next_core = None
chunk_repeats = [("64", "1000000"), ("4096", "1000000"), ("65536", "100000")]
test_rips = [("pipe_thr", True), ("unix_thr", True),
("tcp_thr", True), ("tcp_nodelay_thr", True),
("vmsplice_coop_pipe_thr", True),
("mempipe_thr", True), ("mempipe_thr", False),
("mempipe_spin_thr", True), ("mempipe_spin_thr", False),
("shmem_pipe_thr", True), ("shmem_pipe_thr", False)]
tests_done = set()
for test, rip in test_rips:
for chunksize, repeats in chunk_repeats:
for (tcore, tnode) in target_cores:
if test == "mempipe_spin_thr" and tcore == "0":
if test not in ("mempipe_thr", "mempipe_spin_thr", "shmem_pipe_thr"):
tnode = "-1" # The other tests don't care about NUMA nodes.
# This is to skip would-be repeats for the above mentioned tests that don't care about NUMA.
if (test, rip, chunksize, repeats, tcore, tnode) in tests_done:
tests_done.add((test, rip, chunksize, repeats, tcore, tnode))
progname = "./%s" % test
args = [progname, "-s", chunksize, "-c", repeats, "-a", "0", "-b", tcore, "-o", output_dir, "-w", "-v", "-m", "2", "-n", tnode]
# Last four args: write in place, do verify, produce using rep stosq
if rip:
sys.stdout.write("%s: " % test)