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(* Copyright (C) 2009 Anil Madhavapeddy <>
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.
(* Task scheduling *)
open Printf
open Utils
exception Task_error of string
exception Internal_task_error of string
let config_file_extension = ".conf"
let m = Mutex.create ()
type task_mode =
|Periodic of int
type task_state = {
cmd: string;
mode: task_mode;
plugin: string;
cwd: string;
start_time: float;
silo: string;
secret: (string * string) option;
args : string list;
outfd: Unix.file_descr option;
errfd: Unix.file_descr option;
running: Fork_helper.task;
let task_list = Hashtbl.create 1
let task_table_limit = 10
let task_poll_period = ref 15.
let task_throttle () = Thread.delay 0.1
let json_of_task name t : Lifedb.Rpc.Task.in_r =
let mode,period = match t.mode with
|Periodic p -> "periodic", (Some p)
|Single -> "single", None
|Constant -> "constant", None in
let secret = match t.secret with |None -> None
|Some (s,u) -> Some (object method service=s method username=u end) in
method name=name
method plugin=t.plugin
method mode=mode
method period=period
method secret=secret
method args=t.args
method silo=t.silo
method duration = Unix.gettimeofday () -. t.start_time
method pid = Fork_helper.pid_of_task t.running
let string_of_task t =
let running = Fork_helper.string_of_task t.running in
let mode = match t.mode with
|Single -> "single"
|Periodic p -> sprintf "periodic (every %d sec)" p
|Constant -> "constant" in
sprintf "%s : `%s` %s" mode t.cmd running
let log_task_table () =
Hashtbl.iter (fun name state ->
Log.logmod "Tasks" "%s: %s" name (string_of_task state)
) task_list
let find_task name =
Some (Hashtbl.find task_list name)
Not_found -> None
let run_command name cmd cwd secret args silo =
assert(not (Mutex.try_lock m));
Log.logmod "Tasks" "Executing command '%s' (%s)" name cmd;
let env = match secret with |None -> [||]
|Some (s,u) -> begin
match Lifedb_passwd.lookup_passwd s u with
|Some (pass, _) -> [| ("LIFEDB_PASSWORD=" ^ pass); ("LIFEDB_USERNAME="^u) |]
|None -> Log.logmod "Tasks" "WARNING: unable to find passwd for this task"; [||]
let args = Array.of_list args in
let env = Array.append env args in
let logdir = Lifedb_config.Dir.log() in
let logfile = sprintf "%s/%s.log" logdir name in
let errlogfile = sprintf "%s/%s.err" logdir name in
let openfdfn f = Unix.handle_unix_error (Unix.openfile f [ Unix.O_APPEND; Unix.O_CREAT; Unix.O_WRONLY]) 0o600 in
let outfd = openfdfn logfile in
let errfd = openfdfn errlogfile in
let logfn fd s = try ignore(Unix.write fd s 0 (String.length s)) with _ -> () in
let tmstr = current_datetime () in
logfn outfd (sprintf "[%s] Stdout log started\n" tmstr);
logfn errfd (sprintf "[%s] Stderr log started\n" tmstr);
let lifedb_config_dir = Filename.concat (Lifedb_config.Dir.lifedb ()) silo in
let lifedb_cache_dir = Filename.concat (Lifedb_config.Dir.cache ()) silo in
make_dirs lifedb_config_dir;
make_dirs lifedb_cache_dir;
let env = Array.append env [| sprintf "LIFEDB_DIR=%s" lifedb_config_dir;
(sprintf "LIFEDB_CACHE_DIR=%s" lifedb_cache_dir);
(sprintf "HOME=%s" (Sys.getenv "HOME"));
(sprintf "USER=%s" (Sys.getenv "USER")) |] in
let cmd = if Lifedb_config.test_mode () then sprintf "sleep %d" ( 5 + 3) else cmd in
let task = Fork_helper.create cmd env cwd (logfn outfd) (logfn errfd) in
task_throttle ();
task, (Some outfd), (Some errfd)
let save_task task_name (p:Lifedb.Rpc.Task.in_t) =
assert(not (Mutex.try_lock m));
let cfname = Filename.concat (Lifedb_config.Dir.config ()) task_name ^ config_file_extension in
Json_io.save_json ~compact:false cfname (Lifedb.Rpc.Task.json_of_in_t p);
Log.logmod "Tasks" "Saved inbound task: %s" cfname
(* Create a task from a parameter list. If save is true, then persist it to
the config file *)
let create_task ?(save=false) task_name (p:Lifedb.Rpc.Task.in_t) =
assert(not (Mutex.try_lock m));
if Hashtbl.length task_list >= task_table_limit then
raise (Task_error "too many tasks already registered");
if String.contains task_name '.' || (String.contains task_name '/') then
raise (Task_error "task name cant contain . or /");
let pl = match Lifedb_plugin.find_plugin p#plugin with
|None -> raise (Task_error (sprintf "plugin %s not found" p#plugin))
|Some x -> x in
let mode = match String.lowercase p#mode, p#period with
|"periodic", (Some p) -> Periodic p
|"single",_ -> Single
|"constant",_ -> Constant
|_,_ -> raise (Task_error "unknown task mode") in
let secret = match p#secret with
|None -> None
|Some s -> Some (s#service, s#username) in
let task_status, outfd, errfd = run_command task_name pl#cmd pl#dir secret p#args p#silo in
let now_time = Unix.gettimeofday () in
let task = { cmd=pl#cmd; mode=mode; outfd=outfd; errfd=errfd; cwd=pl#dir; silo=p#silo;
plugin=pl#name; secret=secret; start_time=now_time; running=task_status; args=p#args } in
Hashtbl.add task_list task_name task;
Log.logmod "Tasks" "Created task '%s' %s" task_name (string_of_task task);
if save then save_task task_name p
let find_or_create_task name (t:Lifedb.Rpc.Task.in_t) =
match find_task name with
|Some _ -> ()
|None -> create_task name t
(* remove the task entry from the hashtable and close
any logging fds *)
let delete_task name =
assert(not (Mutex.try_lock m));
let closeopt task = function
|None -> ()
|Some fd ->
let lg = sprintf "[%s] Log closing: %s\n" (current_datetime()) (Fork_helper.string_of_task task.running) in
ignore(Unix.handle_unix_error (Unix.write fd lg 0) (String.length lg));
Unix.handle_unix_error Unix.close fd;
match find_task name with
|Some task ->
closeopt task task.outfd;
closeopt task task.errfd;
Hashtbl.remove task_list name;
let time_taken = (Unix.gettimeofday ()) -. task.start_time in
let exit_code = Fork_helper.exit_code_of_task task.running in
Log.push (`Plugin (name, time_taken, exit_code));
Db_thread_access.push `Lifedb;
|None -> ()
let destroy_task name =
assert(not (Mutex.try_lock m));
match find_task name with
|Some task -> begin
let final_status = Fork_helper.destroy task.running in
delete_task name;
Log.logmod "Tasks" "Task %s destroyed: %s" name
(Fork_helper.string_of_status final_status);
|None -> raise (Task_error "task not found")
let reschedule_task name task =
match task.mode with
|Single -> ()
|Constant ->
Log.logmod "Tasks" "restarting %s (constant)" name;
let task_status, outfd, errfd = run_command name task.cmd task.cwd task.secret task.args task.silo in
let now_time = Unix.gettimeofday () in
let task = { cmd=task.cmd; outfd=outfd; secret=task.secret; args=task.args; silo=task.silo;
errfd=errfd; mode=Constant; cwd=task.cwd; start_time=now_time; running=task_status; plugin=task.plugin } in
Hashtbl.add task_list name task
|Periodic p ->
let start_time = Unix.gettimeofday () +. (float p) in
let task_status = Fork_helper.blank_task () in
let task = { cmd=task.cmd; mode=Periodic p; secret=task.secret; args=task.args; silo=task.silo;
outfd=None; errfd=None; cwd=task.cwd; start_time=start_time; running=task_status; plugin=task.plugin } in
Hashtbl.add task_list name task;
Log.logmod "Tasks" "scheduling %s: %s" name (Fork_helper.string_of_task task_status)
let task_sweep () =
Hashtbl.iter (fun name task ->
let td = string_of_task task in
match Fork_helper.status_of_task task.running with
|Fork_helper.Running pid ->
Log.logmod "Sweep" "%s ... %s" name td
|Fork_helper.Not_started ->
let curtime = Unix.gettimeofday () in
if task.start_time < curtime then begin
let task_status, outfd, errfd = run_command name task.cmd task.cwd task.secret task.args task.silo in
let task = { task with outfd=outfd; errfd=errfd; start_time=curtime; running=task_status } in
Hashtbl.replace task_list name task
|Fork_helper.Done exit_code ->
Log.logmod "Sweep" "%s ... finished %s" name td;
delete_task name;
reschedule_task name task;
|Fork_helper.Killed signal ->
Log.logmod "Sweep" "%s ... crashed %s" name td;
delete_task name;
reschedule_task name task;
) task_list
let dispatch cgi = function
|`Create (name,p) ->
Log.logmod "DebugTask" "name=%s arg=%s" name p;
let params = Lifedb.Rpc.Task.in_t_of_json (Json_io.json_of_string p) in
with_lock m (fun () ->
match find_task name with
|Some state -> begin
(* delete the existing task and create a new one *)
destroy_task name;
create_task ~save:true name params;
with |Task_error err ->
Lifedb_rpc.return_error cgi `Bad_request "Task edit error" err
|None -> begin
create_task ~save:true name params;
|Task_error err ->
Lifedb_rpc.return_error cgi `Bad_request "Task error" err
|`Get name ->
with_lock m (fun () ->
match find_task name with
|Some state ->
cgi#output#output_string (Json_io.string_of_json (Lifedb.Rpc.Task.json_of_in_r (json_of_task name state)))
|None ->
Lifedb_rpc.return_error cgi `Not_found "Task error" "Task not found"
|`List ->
with_lock m (fun () ->
let r = Hashtbl.fold (fun name state a -> json_of_task name state :: a) task_list [] in
let res = object method results=List.length r method rows=r end in
cgi#output#output_string (Json_io.string_of_json (Lifedb.Rpc.Task.json_of_in_rs res))
|`Destroy name ->
with_lock m (fun () ->
destroy_task name
with |Task_error err ->
Lifedb_rpc.return_error cgi `Bad_request "Task error" err
(* task thread which waits on a condition to do a sweep. is signalled regularly
or via a process exiting and delivering a SIGCHLD *)
let c = Condition.create ()
let cm = Mutex.create ()
let task_thread () =
while true do
with_lock cm (fun () ->
Condition.wait c cm;
with_lock m task_sweep;
(* thread to kick the sweeping thread regularly to update task status. *)
let task_regular_kick () =
while true do
with_lock cm (fun () ->
Condition.signal c
Thread.delay !task_poll_period
(* scan the config directory and spawn tasks *)
let scan_config_file config_file =
Log.logmod "Tasks" "Scanning config file %s" config_file;
let task = Lifedb.Rpc.Task.in_t_of_json (Json_io.load_json config_file) in
let task_name = Filename.chop_suffix (Filename.basename config_file) config_file_extension in
match Lifedb_plugin.find_plugin task#plugin with
|None -> Log.logmod "Tasks" "Plugin '%s' not found for task '%s', skipping it" task#plugin task_name;
|Some _ ->
Log.logmod "Tasks" "Added '%s' (plugin %s)" task_name task#plugin;
let task : Lifedb.Rpc.Task.in_t = object
method plugin=task#plugin
method mode=task#mode
method period=task#period
method secret=task#secret
method args=task#args
method silo=task#silo
end in
with_lock m (fun () -> find_or_create_task task_name task)
let do_scan () =
let config_dir = Lifedb_config.Dir.config () in
let dh = Unix.opendir config_dir in
try_final (fun () ->
repeat_until_eof (fun () ->
let next_entry = Unix.readdir dh in
if Filename.check_suffix next_entry config_file_extension then
scan_config_file (Filename.concat config_dir next_entry)
) (fun () -> Unix.closedir dh)
let init () =
let _ = Thread.create task_thread () in
let _ = Thread.create task_regular_kick () in
Sys.set_signal Sys.sigchld (Sys.Signal_handle (fun _ ->
with_lock cm (fun () -> Condition.signal c)))