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open Unix
open Printf
open Utils
open Lifedb
open Lifedb_schema
let walk_directory_tree dir walkfn =
let rec walk dir =
walkfn dir;
let dh = Unix.opendir dir in
try_final (fun () ->
repeat_until_eof (fun () ->
let nextdir = read_next_dir dh in
if nextdir <> "_att" then
walk (Filename.concat dir nextdir)
) (fun () -> Unix.closedir dh);
walk dir
type le_type = |Contact |Message
let lifedb_entry_type = function
|"" -> Contact
|"public.message" -> Message
|x -> failwith (sprintf "unknown implementation type %s" x)
let get_all_mtypes db =
let h = Hashtbl.create 1 in
List.iter (fun m -> Hashtbl.add h m#name m) (Mtype.get db);
(* to resolve an attachment, we look for an _att directory one level up, and keep
looking until we hit the root lifedb directory *)
let resolve_attachments rootdir fname db uid =
(* normalize rootdir *)
let rootdir = Filename.dirname (Filename.concat rootdir "foo") in
let rec checkdir bdir =
let attfname = String.concat "/" [bdir; "_att"; uid] in
if Sys.file_exists attfname then begin
let a = match Attachment.get_by_file_name attfname db with
|[] ->
let mime_type = try
Magic_mime.lookup (get_extension attfname)
with _ -> "application/octet-stream" in
Attachment.t ~file_name:attfname ~mime_type ~uid db
|[a] -> a
|_ -> assert false in
Some a
end else begin
if bdir = rootdir || (String.length bdir < 2) then
else begin
checkdir (Filename.dirname bdir)
checkdir (Filename.dirname fname)
let process_lifeentry db mtypes rootdir fname =
let json = Json_io.load_json ~big_int_mode:true fname in
let le = Rpc.Entry.t_of_json json in
let mtype_info = try
Hashtbl.find mtypes le#_type
with Not_found -> begin
let all_mtypes = String.concat "|" (Hashtbl.fold (fun k v a -> k :: a) mtypes []) in
failwith (sprintf "unknown mtype %s (we have: %s)" le#_type all_mtypes)
let uid = le#_uid in
match lifedb_entry_type mtype_info#implements with
|Contact -> begin
(* Message is a contact *)
let contact = match Contact.get ~uid:(Some uid) db with
|[] -> Contact.t ~uid:uid ~first_name:le#first_name ~last_name:le#last_name ~mtime:le#_timestamp ~file_name:fname db
|[c] ->
(* the contact exists, look for the mtime of the existing record *)
let existing_mtime = (Rpc.Entry.t_of_json (Json_io.load_json ~big_int_mode:true c#file_name))#_timestamp in
if existing_mtime < le#_timestamp then begin
Log.logmod "Mirror" "existing mtime is older, so updating record";
c#set_first_name le#first_name;
c#set_last_name le#last_name;
c#set_mtime le#_timestamp;
c#set_file_name fname;
end else begin
Log.logmod "Mirror" "newer contact in db, skipping record";
|_ -> assert false in
let _ = contact#save in
(* insert the various services in this contact into people fields *)
let () = match le#_services with
|None -> ()
|Some h ->
Hashtbl.iter (fun service_name service_ids ->
List.iter (fun service_id ->
let service = match Service.get ~name:(Some service_name) ~uid:(Some service_id) db with
|[] -> Service.t ~name:service_name ~uid:service_id ~contact:(Some contact) db
|[s] -> s#set_contact (Some contact); s
|_ -> assert false in
) service_ids
) h
in ()
|Message ->
(* take an address hash from the JSON and generate, update or retrieve people records and return the people_id *)
let process_addr addr =
let service_name = try String.lowercase (List.assoc "type" addr) with Not_found -> failwith "must have type field in addr" in
let service_id = try String.lowercase (List.assoc "id" addr) with Not_found -> failwith "must have id field in addr" in
match Service.get ~name:(Some service_name) ~uid:(Some service_id) db with
|[] -> let s = Service.t ~name:service_name ~uid:service_id ~contact:None db in ignore(s#save); s
|[s] -> s
|_ -> assert false in
let from = match le#_from with |Some addr -> process_addr addr |None -> failwith "no _from in message" in
let recipients = match le#_to with Some addrs -> process_addr addrs |None -> [] in
let atts = match le#_att with |None -> []
|Some a -> List.fold_left (fun acc b -> match resolve_attachments rootdir fname db b with |None -> acc |Some x -> x :: acc) [] a in
let tags = match le#_tags with |None -> [] |Some tl -> (fun name ->
match Tag.get ~name:(Some name) db with
|[tag] -> tag
|[] -> Tag.t ~name db
|_ -> assert false) tl in
(* check if this lifedb entry already exists *)
let e = match Entry.get_by_file_name fname db with
|[] ->
Entry.t ~uid ~file_name:fname ~created:le#_timestamp ~mtype:mtype_info ~from ~recipients ~atts ~tags ~delivered:0L db
|[e] ->
e#set_created le#_timestamp;
e#set_mtype mtype_info;
e#set_from from;
e#set_recipients recipients;
e#set_atts atts;
e#set_tags tags;
(* ensure that the UID in the database is the same as the one on file already; this should not change and is unique *)
if e#uid <> uid then
failwith (sprintf "%s <> %s uid" e#uid uid);
(* XXX e#set_delivered? *)
|_ -> assert false in
let process_directory db throttle_check mtypes rootdir dir =
let dh = opendir dir in
try_final (fun () ->
repeat_until_eof (fun () ->
throttle_check ();
let h = readdir dh in
if Filename.check_suffix h ".lifeentry" then begin
let fname = sprintf "%s/%s" dir h in
process_lifeentry db mtypes rootdir fname
with e ->
Log.logmod "Mirror" "Exception in %s: %s" fname (Printexc.to_string e)
) (fun () -> closedir dh)
let dir_needs_update db dir =
let dir_mtime = (Unix.stat dir).st_mtime in
match Sync_schema.Dircache.get ~dir:(Some dir) db with
|[] -> Some dir_mtime
|[entry] -> if dir_mtime <= entry#mtime then None else Some dir_mtime
|_ -> assert false
with Unix.Unix_error _ -> (printf "error!\n"; None)
let dir_is_updated db dir mtime =
let dir = match Sync_schema.Dircache.get ~dir:(Some dir) db with
|[] -> Sync_schema.Dircache.t ~dir:dir ~mtime:mtime db
|[entry] -> entry#set_mtime mtime; entry
|_ -> assert false in
let check_directory lifedb syncdb throttle_check mtypes rootdir dir =
match dir_needs_update syncdb dir with
|Some old_mtime ->
Log.logmod "Mirror" "Processing %s" dir;
process_directory lifedb throttle_check mtypes rootdir dir;
dir_is_updated syncdb dir old_mtime;
|None -> ()
let do_scan ?(subdir="") lifedb syncdb throttle_check =
Log.logmod "Mirror" "Starting scan";
let lifedb_path = Filename.concat (Lifedb_config.Dir.lifedb ()) subdir in
let mtypes = get_all_mtypes lifedb in
if not (Lifedb_config.test_mode ()) then begin
walk_directory_tree lifedb_path (check_directory lifedb syncdb throttle_check mtypes lifedb_path);
Log.logmod "Mirror" "Finished scan"
let dispatch cgi args =