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# Makefile
# --------
# Copyright : (c) 2012, Jeremie Dimino <>
# Licence : BSD3
# Generic Makefile for oasis project
# Set to setup.exe for the release
SETUP := setup-dev.exe
# Default rule
default: build
# Setup for the development version
setup-dev.exe: _oasis
grep -v '^#' >
ocamlfind ocamlopt -o $@ -linkpkg -package ocamlbuild,oasis.dynrun || \
ocamlfind ocamlc -o $@ -linkpkg -package ocamlbuild,oasis.dynrun || true
rm -f setup_dev.*
# Setup for the release
ocamlopt.opt -o $@ $< || ocamlopt -o $@ $< || ocamlc -o $@ $<
rm -f setup.cmx setup.cmi setup.o setup.obj setup.cmo
build: $(SETUP)
./$(SETUP) -build $(BUILDFLAGS)
doc: $(SETUP) build
./$(SETUP) -doc $(DOCFLAGS)
doc-api: $(SETUP) build
./$(SETUP) -build lwt-api.docdir/index.html
test: $(SETUP) build
./$(SETUP) -test $(TESTFLAGS)
all: $(SETUP)
./$(SETUP) -all $(ALLFLAGS)
install: $(SETUP)
./$(SETUP) -install $(INSTALLFLAGS)
uninstall: $(SETUP)
./$(SETUP) -uninstall $(UNINSTALLFLAGS)
reinstall: $(SETUP)
./$(SETUP) -reinstall $(REINSTALLFLAGS)
clean: $(SETUP)
./$(SETUP) -clean $(CLEANFLAGS)
distclean: $(SETUP)
./$(SETUP) -distclean $(DISTCLEANFLAGS)
configure: $(SETUP)
./$(SETUP) -configure $(CONFIGUREFLAGS) $(SETUP)
./$(SETUP) -configure $(CONFIGUREFLAGS)
.PHONY: default build doc test all install uninstall reinstall clean distclean configure
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