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Lwt: lightweight thread library for OCaml
This library is part of the Ocsigen project. See:
* OCaml with ocamlbuild (>= 3.12.1)
* findlib
* [optional] react (from
* [optional] libev (from
* [optional] ocaml-text (needed for the enhanced toplevel)
* [optional] ocamlssl (>= 0.4.0) (ocamlssl needs openssl) (>= 0.4.1 for MacOS)
* [optional] glib-2.0 development files and pkg-config
If the dependencies are not installed on your computer, you can use OPAM
to install them automatically. See:
They might also be available through your distribution.
* run "ocaml -configure" to configure sources
You can add '--enable-<lib>' to enable compilation of
the sub-library <lib>. The flag '--enable-all' will
enable everything.
In order to compile without libev support you must add
* run "ocaml -build" to compile
* run "ocaml -install" as root to install compiled libraries
* run "ocaml -uninstall" as root to uninstall them
HTML documentation is generated in _build/lwt.docdir/, but is not
installed by default.
If you get the development version you need to obtain OASIS
If you want to build the toplevel you have to install compiler
libraries. Under Debian it is the package ocaml-compiler-libs.
Note that the utop project replaces the Lwt toplevel:
* Jérôme Vouillon
* Vincent Balat
* Nataliya Guts
* Pierre Clairambault
* Stéphane Glondu
* Jérémie Dimino
* Warren Harris (Metaweb Technologies, Inc.)
* Pierre Chambart
* Mauricio Fernandez
See each source file for copyright information, and COPYING for license.