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[build] fix bytecode unix build under Darwin

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1 parent 369437a commit a7df66ac2a36ac383c193a3a0f8f0c8e2a76ca96 @avsm committed
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@@ -97,7 +97,7 @@ module Mir = struct
let dl_libs = match host with
|Linux -> [A"-lm"; asmlib; A"-lbigarray"; A"-lcamlstr"; A"-ldl"; A"-ltermcap"]
- |Darwin |FreeBSD -> [A"-lm"; asmlib; A"-lbigarray"; A"-lcamlstr"] in
+ |Darwin |FreeBSD -> [A"-lm"; asmlib; A"-lbigarray"; A"-lcamlstr"; A"-ltermcap"] in
let tags = tags++"cc"++"c" in
let prof = if profiling then [A"-pg"] else [] in
Cmd (S (A cc :: [ T(tags++"link"); A ocamlc_libdir; A"-o"; Px out;

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