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(*pp camlp4orf `ocamlfind query -i-format type-conv dyntype.syntax shelf.syntax orm.syntax` pa_type_conv.cmo pa_dyntype.cma pa_shelf.cmo pa_orm.cma *)
open Orm.Appengine_datastore
type en =
| Foo
| Bar of int
| Fu of (string * string)
and x = {
foo: string;
bar: int;
barl: int64 list;
baru: unit list;
assoc: (string * string) list;
esl: en list;
es: en;
} with value,type_of,json,orm(mode:appengine)
let save () =
let x1 = {foo="hello world"; bar=( 1000); barl=[ 10L;11L;12L ];
baru=[();()]; assoc=[ "k1","v1"; "k2","v2"]; es=Fu ("one","two"); esl=[Foo; Bar 1; Fu ("one1","two2")] } in
let db = x_init "foo" in
x_save db x1;
let get () =
let db = x_init "foo" in
let xs = x_get db in
String.concat ", " ( json_of_x xs)
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