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Planned interface-breaking changes before 1.0:

  • The callback API must guarantee that the request body has been consumed somehow...

  • Make the Header.t header parsing more efficient by only lazily parsing them instead of copying into a Map as we do now.

  • Make the Lwt response stream bounded (new in lwt-2.4+)

  • Server file support and default_spec

  • Make Lwt_ssl optional

  • Header module needs to deal with repeated keys correctly (by folding them into the string list of values)

  • Should read_form really be in lib/ ? It could just be implemented in the drivers. But then again, that would be repeated code in all the backends.

Better HTTP support:

  • Range requests need to be fully implemented (206)
  • 100 Continue should be a noop
  • Awwww crap, so much to do :
  • Lwt Connection: close support
  • A client interface that deals with redirects
  • Proxy support (manual means a full URI in the request)
  • SSL support for Async?


  • Test the lib_test server scripts via external invocations of curl and httperf, so that the tests terminate.

  • Test the HTTP timeout support

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