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===== 0.5.1 (28-Sep-2012) =====
* Add string_to_<cenum> function to match the <cenum>_to_string,
primarily to help with command-line parsing of enum arguments.
===== 0.5.0 (20-Sep-2012) =====
* Add a signature generator for cstruct and cenum to permit
their use in .mli files.
* Use the more reliable revised syntax camlp4 quotation
expander, to avoid broken AST output from antiquotations.
* Switch the xen/ version over to using OASIS also.
===== 0.4.0 (02-Sep-2012) =====
* Fix META file for use with Xen
===== 0.3 (25-Aug-2012) =====
* Initial public release
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