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Known issues and TODO list before a 1.0 release. Until then, the
ORM is a work-in-progress and anything is subject to change dramatically!
- ORM:
* no type-conv signature generator yet
* handle type t = { x : M.t }
* handle type 'a t = { x : 'a }
Interface changes:
- Add a x_fold function to match the x_get function
- Sqlite CONSTRAINT errors for uniqueness violations (e.g. on a unique
indexed field) need to be exposed better than just throwing up the
CONSTRAINT error which is really hard to track down.
- Bind sqlite3_profile to make that information available.
Nice to have:
- A field name of "id" in a record will cause an error; type
checker should reject these or rewrite them into something different.
- Warn on reserved keywords in types (id, from) which are not
valid SQL field names (or transform them to be safe).
- Add foreign key constraints for sanity checking in debug mode.
Not strictly needed, but an additional integrity check
- Generate smart ocamldoc; not sure if this is possible with camlp4
extensions without a custom doc generator.
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