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Ocaml-QuickCheck -- Translation of QuickCheck to OCaml

This is translation of QuickCheck from Haskell into Ocaml.

Forked from Alan Falloon's ocaml-quickcheck, but uses regular high-order-functions, and doesn't try to mimic haskell type-classes with OCamls modules. Maybe, it's not all that pretty, but it works! For some examples see tests/ More docs and examples coming soon.

If you are interested in original implementation you can go to Alan Falloon's blog to hear more about how he converted the code and the differences that were introduced.

Btw, with OCaml 3.12 you can somehow simplify original code with first-class modules. You can check branch "first-class-modules" in this repo to see some work in this field. However, HOFs still simplier than modules and functors.