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Most of the people who have contributed more than one patch to Lynx (as well as
a few who have only one) are noted in the changelogs by their initials (to keep
the changelog short). Here is a summary of those initials and the
corresponding full names:
AAC Andrey A Chernov
BD Binh Do
BJP Brian J Pardy
BL Bela Lubkin
CK Charles Karney
DK Doug Kaufman
DSB Scott Bigham
DW David Woolley
FLWM Frederic L W Meunier
FM Foteos Macrides
GN Glenn Nielsen
GV Gisle Vanem
HL Hiram Lester Jr
HM Hynek Med
HN Henry Nelson
IC Ismael Cordeiro
IZ Ilya Zakharevich
JB John Bley
JED John E Davis
JES James E Spath
JKT J Kevin Ternes
JN John Nowlin
KED Kim DeVaughn
KW Klaus Weide
LE Laura Eaves
LP Leonid Pauzner
LV Larry W Virden
PC Peter Canning
PDS Paul D Smith
PG Paul Gilmartin
PHDM Philippe De Muyter
PW Philip Webb
RN Ryan Nielsen
SC Stef Caunter
SH Hiroyuki Senshu
SKY Sinan Kaan Yerli
SS Sergey Svishchev
TD Thomas E Dickey
TG Thorsten Glaser
TH Hataguchi Takeshi
VH Vlad Harchev
WB Wayne Buttles
WS Bill Schiavo