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--- RELEASE of 2.3 (19-May-1994) ---
* Better memory allocation routines used for some VMS systems.
* Non-interactive (-source) access to documents requiring access authorization
not allowed to avoid crashes.
* Lynx exports the environment variable LYNX_VERSION on UNIX systems
with the current version number as the value.
* added "action=" handling to ISINDEX tags. (Is that in the spec?)
* fixed Telnet security problem
* added .mailcap and mailcap support as well as mime.types support
for the configuration of viewers and extension mappings.
The test command is now implemented so that viewers can be conditionally
* Revamped the FTP code to recognize different server types and to parse
full directory listings (LIST output). File types, sizes and dates
are displayed when possible.
* added transparent support for mosaic bookmark files. Just point
Lynx at your existing default mosaic bookmark file and Lynx will
handle the rest. Viewing, addition, and removal are supported.
* added second line of reverse video to show multiline links better.
* added configurable MIME types and viewers to lynx.cfg. MIME types
and VIEWERS can be configured by following the instructions within
the newest lynx.cfg file.
* added second %s argument to PRINTER and DOWNLOADER definitions.
If a second %s is present in the command definition it will be
filled in by a suggested filename which is derived from the URL
of the document. See lynx.cfg for more details.
* got code from CERN to fix HTBTree FTP bug. Large ftp lists should
not crash anymore.
* added no_proxy environment variable. set it to a comma delimited list
of domains or hosts that should not be proxyed. (Thanks CERN :)
setenv no_proxy "domain1.dom, domain2.dom, domain3, etc"
* Fixed Referer: field handleing so that it doesn't crash on really
long URL's
* True popup menus are now supported for non-multiple SELECT lists.
* fixed the delete-a-bookmark command and bound it to 'r' for remove.
(thanks to David Trueman for the fix)
---------- RELEASE of 2.2 ------------------
* added 'd' for download current link. Can be used to force a download
of any file.
* 'r' removed as a comment key. Use 'c' or reconfigure your keys to
add 'r' back in. (I would like to use 'r' in the future to mean
remove current bookmark link)
* Found the bug in the HTTP redirection code that was causing it
not to work. So HTTP redirection appears to work now!
* Added Referer: header to HTTP requests to list the URL of
the document listing the requsted URL. Here's an extract from CERN:
This optional header field allows the client to specify,
for the server's benefit, the address ( URI ) of the document
(or element within the document) from which the URI in the
request was obtained.
This allows a server to generate lists of back-links to documents,
for interest, logging, etc. It allows bad links to be traced
for maintenance.
* changed novice line to be displayed on bottom two lines with the
status line moved up two lines.
* Made configurable keymappings a reality. Keys can be remapped in
the lynx.cfg file. (diffs from David Trueman)
* Got code from Foteos to make 'a' work for VMS connection interrupts.
* Moving closer towards configurable keymappings. New keyhandleing
code will make it very easy to implement. (diffs from David Trueman)
* Lynx FTP now supports PASV code. (fixes to CERN (Dave Raggert?) PASV code
from John Ellson) It is not enabled by default. Line 43 in
WWW/Library/Implementation/HTFTP must be commented out for
PASV code to be used. This was done because not all FTP sites
can support PASV FTP.
* slight change in forms user interface. For the better, I hope you will
agree. Text input fields are now active as soon as the cursor pointer
is over them. Therefore you may begin typing into the text field
as soon as you come to it. Tab, and up and down arrow keys will
move off of the text input field. The only problem with this is as
follows. If you are in the habit of using the number keys (keypad)
the or h,j,k,l vi keys, as soon as you move over the text link
you will begin seeing numbers or hjk or l show up in the text field.
In other words, your movement commands are now broken :( You must
use true arrow keys or the tab key to move off of the text field.
I've tried this out and it seems to work alright. I don't think
that users unfamiliar with this will have too hard a time figureing
it out. Once you see numbers or letter appearing it becomes fairly
obvious whats going on. I'll put a message at the bottom of the
screen saying "use tab or arrow keys to move off of link."
* added mods by David Trueman to implement -restrictions commandline
option. -restrictions allows a list of services to be disabled
selectively. -restrictions takes the form of
"lynx -restrictions=[default],[all],[inside_telnet],[outside_telnet],[shell],\
all restricts all options.
default same as commandline option -anonymous. Disables
default services for anonymous users. Currently set to,
all restricted except for: inside_telnet, outside_telnet, and
goto. Defaults settable within userdefs.h
inside_telnet disallow telnets for people coming from inside your
outside_telnet disallow telnets for people coming from outside your
shell disallow shell escapes
editor disallow editing
bookmark disallow changing the location of the bookmark file.
options_save disallow saving options in .lynxrc
print disallow most print options
goto disable the 'g' (goto) command.
file_url disallow using G)oto to go to file: URL's
download disallow saving binary files to disk in the download menu.
exec disable execution scripts
exec_frozen disallow the user from changing the execution link
setting in the O)ptions menu.
* added new more informative messages for form links.
* fixed -dump and -source options so that they work for
binary files now.
* Interruptable I/0 now completely works for UNIX systems.
VMS is next. Just hit an 'a' for abort anytime during a
transfer to abort. If there is a partial file to show, it
will be shown.
* Added command line option -show_curser. If enabled the curser
will not be hidden in the right hand corner but will instead
be positioned at the start of the currently selected link.
show curser is the default for systems without FANCY_CURSES
capibilities, and the default configuration can be changed in
* Added NNTP posting capibilities. Currently uses external inews
program which will be included in the utils directory.
Would someone like to patch in some freeware inews code, or
send me some?
* fixed bug in password handling which cuased it to be displayed
accidentally :( (Danny Mayer)
* bold and emphasis now use curses underlining to represent
ephasized text. The use of _underline_ chars before and after
the text is now removed.
* Added configurable download menu so that binary files may
be downloaded using any protocal. Download menu is displayed
after selecting a non-displayable file.
* Added exec links. 4 types currently defined:
files ending in: .csh, .ksh, .sh, (for UNIX) and .com (for VMS);
Use exec link controls to turn on and off exec links.
* Gopher menues are now within PRE so that spaces are not
collapsed in menu entries.
* added configurable character sets. Can be set in lynx.cfg
by the user in the options screen or in the users .lynxrc file
current sets are: ISO Latin I, IBM PC Character set, & 7 bit
approximations. New sets can be added to src/LYCharSets.c
----------RELEASE of Lynx 2.1 and 2.1.1----------------------
-grey area-
* Ability to FTP to VMS systems. (Foteos Macrides)
* Fixed lots of display and interupt problems (Foteos Macrides)
* The Lynx Bookmark file is now interpreted as an HTML document.
Old Lynx bookmark files must be converted using the lynx2html
program or deleted.
* HTML+ forms as implemented by XMosaic now work.
fill in the empty spaces and press the submit button to
submit the form.
* The TEXTAREA tag isn't done yet. It will currently only
give a one line text area. The next version of Lynx will
include a true textarea implementation once I figure out a
reasonable interface.
* Incorporated WWWlib 2.14 and fixed up the descrip.mms files.
Foteos Macrides made VMS port changes and wrote a really nice script to make compilation on VMS systems really easy.
Foteos also ported Lynx to OpenVMS for alpha axp systems.
* 's' now means search a searchable indexed document through the
server, and can no longer be used to search for strings within
the displayed document.
* '/' now only searches through the current displayed document for
strings and can not be used for searchable index documents.
* Capital 'Q' now quits without asking for confirmation.
* 'm' for Main Menu now askes for confirmation and does NOT clear
the history stack.
* Blockquote style changed slightly.
* fixed bug with A and other tags messing up formatting
withing PRE segments.
* Verbose Gopher option removed, verbose gopher functionality
is now set permenantly on.
* Default editor is now configurable in the lynx.cfg file.
* Default bookmark file is now configurable in the lynx.cfg file.
* ownership is no longer inherited.
* link rev="owner" href="mailto:ADDRESS" now accepted as well as
link rev="made" href="mailto:ADDRESS" to define the URL of the
owner or person responsible for the info.
* 's' now only searches ISINDEX server documents.
* '/' always means search within the document.
-grey area-
* still doing massive rewrite. Debugging!!
* anonymous users cannot change the bookmark page! (thanks to Jyrki Kuoppal for
pointing out a security hole)
-grey area-
* massive rewrite. Removed all Lynx internal format code and
restructured all the source files.
* added   (non-breaking space),   and  
---------- RELEASE of 2.0.12 -----------------
* Change HTInit.c so that unsupported types are not sent out
in accept parameters. For non X screen only text/html and
application/octet-stream are sent.
* descriptive title added to files mailed from lynx
* disabled FTP connection caching to help fix multiple FTP problems
* added preliminary level 1 forms support.
* fixed a bunch of gopher holes
* gopher lists are turned into URL's now instead of lynx
internal format document links
* local documents ending in .html can now be referenced with
just a filename and/or path from the command line.
* Added preloaded searches to gopher URL's. They previously
didn't work. This is readily apparent as preloaded CSO
searches, which alot of people wanted.
* removed old hytelnet compatibility code which looked in
multiple directories to find the correct file. If you still
need this capibility talk to me.
* The users specified editor is now spawned for mail messages.
If no editor is defined or if the user is anonymous, the built-in
lynx mail sender is used.
* changed all static data structures to be dynamic
This was a pretty major change of code which may add several
* rewrote parse_links routine to make it more efficient and to
work with dynamic structures.
* added progress messages to HTTP transfers.
* added -cache=# command line option to specify the number
of WWW documents cached in memory.
* added VMS port fixes from Foteos Macrides. Lynx now
compiles and works on VMS!
* fixed ftp bug in WWWlib that didn't de-escape URL's before
sending request to FTP server.
* fixed coredump bug for some files with no links.
* Moved many configuration options including printer setup to
lynx.cfg file. The default placement of the lynx.cfg file
will be /usr/local/lib & sys$public
* Removed STARTDIR variable from userdefs.h STARTDIR is now inferred
from the STARTFILE.
* Fixed bug with only one link selectable out of many on the last line
of the display.
* Ported to SVR4 courtesy of Nickolay Saukh (from Russia, Wow this is
really getting around!)
* Uneditable documents don't get refetched. (Nickolay Saukh)
* National language support through LOCALE
(instead of ISOLATIN1), protected by #ifdef LOCALE (Nickolay Saukh)
------Release of Lynx 2.0.11--------------------------------
* Caused major international incident when a large bug was discovered after
release. :)
* Fixed internal document hypertext refernces with URL's. '#selector'
strings now work again.
* When files come through on pre HTTP/1.0 servers they are now
recognized by their file extensions
* Lynx can now speak to old NCSA pre HTTP/1.0 servers
* fixed ALT bug that had to do with style changes not
happening before the alt was printed.
* updated the man file lynx.1.
* updated help and converted it to HTML. Made a new help location and
server. The new default help file is
* changed '\' to toggle between source and no source. When you press
'\' while viewing a rendered HTML document you will get the HTML source
when you press '\' while viewing HTML source you will get the
rendered HTML.
* Added ALT attribute to IMG tag. When ALT is available the contents
are displayed. When ALT is missing [IMAGE] is displayed. When
ALT="" nothing is displayed.
* Added document reload command. CTRL-R when pressed will reload
the document into memory and redisplay it, clearing the screen.
This is very useful when editing documents, outside of Lynx while
using Lynx for rendering.
* Added source view mode. '\' when pressed will reload the document
and display the HTML source. (doesn't work for gopher directoryies right
now, but gopher isn't HTML anyways)
* fixed bug in LibWWW that caused it not to be able to convert to
* fixed bug in LibWWW that caused most binary file transfers to fail
* added binary file transfer ability. When binary files are selected
the user is prompted for a file name to save to. The default directory
is the one the user started in.
* Lynx now reloads local HTML files and re-renders them after editing.
* At some point I added the ability to edit HTML files on the local
* Added Nested Lists, up to six levels, with different bullets
for each level.
* Due to the fact that nearly everyone seems to use P to mean
two returns within the same style, and Mosaic has been kind
enough to support this meaning, :( :( :( I have changed
the P tag to reflect this interpretation. P can be used
anywhere and will mean insert two returns. (i.e., two BR tags)
* Made the default Mime type for unknown file types on ftp servers
to be text/plain. Previously the WWWLibrary had the default
as application/octet-stream which meant that most files could not
be viewed.
* Changed the ADDRESS style to be more like XMosaic
Left flush, newline top and bottom
* The Statusline now displays the URL when retrieving files.
* added BR (linebreak) tag!
The BR tag inserts a line break and maintains the current style!
The BR tag may be used anywhere.
* added HR (horizontal rule tag!)
The HR tag puts a horizontal line seperating two bodies of text.
The HR tag may be used anywhere.
* All spaces, tabs and returns are now collapsed down do one
* fixed bug whiched caused certain links beginning at the
begining of a line to be bad.
* added '*' (stars) to unordered lists and numbers to ordered
* changed dir lists to be more like menu lists.
* all emphasis, physical and symantic, now have _underlines_
around them to show emphasis.
RELEASE OF VER 2.0.10 -----------------------------------------------
Added [IMAGE] in all places where IMG tags appear.
added WWW_HOME environment variable support.
fixed searching in WWW.
removed tildas from mail messages for security reasons.
added emacs-like key defs.
changed gopher dir routines and Verbose format of directories
Forgot to put all kinds of bug fixes and stuff in here during the
past month. I have been working on upgrading to the 2.X WWWlibrary
Today I changed 'g' to mean goto a url, and 'v' to be view the
bookmark page.
Fixed problem with ftp: URL not being recognized and not working.
Tried to remove the use of tabs and replace them with appropriate
spaces. This was done to support brain dead curses packages that
don't handle tabs. (like linux)
Fixed socket problem which was causing a problem with telnet's
Fixed SUN curses problem, now works with the /usr/5lib routines
Added an option to turn on link numbering
Fixed read_rc() bug which caused .lynxrc files to be read incorrectly
Fixed file cacheing bug which only allowed searching to be performed
once. (it cached the answer and displayed that each time a new
search was requested)
Fixed VMS I/O bug and TCP routines.
Ported 2.0 to VMS
Fixed a bug: Multiply defined procedure async_abort in
the files get_file and get_bin_file
Optomized Gopher TCP routines, increased speed by a factor of 10!
Added WWW support by integrating the WWWlib1.4
Added home page support and append features.
Added support for Image types using xloadimage for X-terminals.
Added gopher binary file types