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--- Rename of Lynx2-5FM and release as Lynx2-6 (02-Sep-1996) ---
09-02-96 ---- Release of Lynx2-6 ----
* More expansions of the online 'h'elp files. - FM
* Updated the PROBLEMS file. - FM
* More expansions of the online 'h'elp files. - FM
* Tweaks of list handling. - FM
* Miscellaneous code cleanups and annotations. - FM
* Further updates and expansions of the online 'h'elp files. - FM
* Tweaks of alignment handling with bad HTML. - FM
* Added JIS X 0201 Japanese Kana string support. - TA & FM
* Further updates and expansions of the online 'h'elp files. - FM
* Typo fixes in the help and doc files. - LWV
* Tweaks of ENCTYPE handling for FORM submissions. - FM
* Today's distribution is a pre-release of v2.6. The projected official
release date is 09-02-96.
* Tweaks of numeric character reference handling. - FM
* Typo fix in LYShowInfo.c. - IC
* Added handling of ENCTYPE="application/sgml-form-urlencoded" in FORMs
as a directive to use semi-colons instead of ampersands as name=value
separators, and to indicate that as the Content-Type for POSTs. - FM
* Convert ampersands in addresses and link names, and angle-brackets in
link names, to SGML entities when creating bookmarks and showinfo ('=')
link 'l'ist, client-side-image-map, and history list text/html streams
or temporary files. - FM
* More SGML compliance mods for the handling of attribute values which
represent URLs or URL components. - FM
* Tweaks of form INPUT, TEXTAREA, SELECT and OPTION handling. - FM
* Check EAGAIN on socket connect or select attempts for all platforms and
flavors. - FM
* Include both <time.h> and <sys/time.h> in tcp.h for AIX.
* Adding warning and info in the INSTALLATION file and userdefs.h on how
to cope with telnetd environment variable spamming for anonymous accounts
running Lynx captively. - FM
* Enhancements of the History List handling. Show each link's actual address
in addition to the titles, since the actual addresses can't be determined
via showinfo or the 'l'ist display, and links in the History List derived
from searches can have the same titles but different searchparts or hidden
content appended. If a link in the History List is activated, is still
cached, has POST content, and ALWAYS_RESUBMIT_POSTS was configured off (as
recommended) and wasn't toggled on via -resubmit_posts, prompt the user
whether to resubmit the form (versus retrieve the cached rendition from
the previous submission). We don't bother prompting on PREV_DOC ("back")
fetches, and still resubmit forms with POST content whenever their submit
buttons are activated, i.e., regardless of whether ALWAYS_RESUBMIT_POSTS
has been configured or toggled on. - FM
* If a user attempts to add a bookmark while viewing a document returned
via a form submission with POST content, and it contains links, offer
the current link with it's link name for editing. Otherwise, display
a statusline message that documents from forms with POST content cannot
be saved as bookmarks. - FM
* Added UP_HALF and DOWN_HALF commands, mapped by default to '(' and ')',
for going back or forward half a page in the document. These are
complementary to UP_TWO and DOWN_TWO, for going back or forward two
lines (remember to use the 'K'eymap command for a list of all of the
keystroke command bindings currently in effect, since they may have
been changed via lynx.cfg from the defaults described in the online
'H'elp). - FM
* Made the Control-A and Control-E keys default synonyms for HOME and END,
complementary to their use for going to the beginning or end of the line
when using the line editor. - FM
* Don't lose track of source versus present mode on returns from temporary
menu files to documents derived from forms with method POST. - FM
* Ugh, I had deleted one too many lines from HTTP.c when stripping out my
SSL hooks for the distribution copy (no wonder the Authorization mods
worked fine for me but nobody else 8-). - FM
* Added handling of named entities and numeric character references in
the values of most of the non-URL attributes (we don't waste overhead
doing that for the values of simple attributes, like ALIGN, which have
designated strings). - FM
* Safely handle named entities and numeric character references in the values
in the URL field for the CONTENT of META with a "Refresh" HTTP-EQUIV or
NAME. They are converted in relation to the "ISO Latin 1" Character Set
array regardless of the selected Character Set (except that nbsp and shy
remain 160 and 173), then 8-bit translations are hex escaped (as they
should have been in the markup 8-), and ESC is hex escaped or omitted
depending on whether a CJK character set has been selected. There's no
way to do it such that the resolved URL always will be valid no matter
what yoyos or CGI scripts put in document instances, but this strategy
maximizes the chances while making sure no "dangerous" characters, based
on the selected Character Set, are ever sent to the screen (it used to be
HyperText Markup Language, not HyperGraphic Markup Language 8-)- FM
* Allow Control-G or a zero-length username or password to act as a cancel
of the request (and restoration of the current document) when an http
server invokes prompting for Authorization. - FM
* When using a proxy server, report the target host instead of the proxy
in prompts for Authorization. - FM
* Show MIME types of files, if known, whenever a download offer is forced,
regardless of why it was forced (i.e, not only for mismatches between
the document's charset and the selected character set). - FM
* Yet more tweaks of MIME header parsing. - FM
* Enhancements of the news gateway. - FM
* Tweaks of Content-Type and charset handling. - FM
* Tweaks of MIME header parsing. - FM
* Tweaks of the news gateway and its documentation. - FM
* Added overt (rational 8-) handling of all status codes that might be
returned (appropriately or inappropriately 8-) from HTTP/1.1 http
servers, and massively annotated the code in HTTP.c. - FM
* Added parsing in HTMIME.c, and at least trace mode reporting, for all
http server reply and entity headers as in the 08-12-96 HTTP/1.1 draft.
We should not get many of them, unless we declare ourselves as an HTTP/1.1
client and send the appropriate request headers, but they're all available
now for use as more HTTP/1.1 features are added. - FM
* Added handling of "Pragma: no-cache" or "Cache-Control: no-cache" headers
from http servers, and polished up the code for handling them via META
directives. - FM
* Modified form handling so that Lynx always resubmits forms if their method
is POST, even if their content was not changed, when their submit buttons
or submitting text input are activated. Changed the ALWAYS_RESUBMIT_FORMS
compilation and configuration definitions, and -resubmit_forms command
line toggle, to ALWAYS_RESUBMIT_POSTS, and -resubmit_posts. When FALSE,
you still get the previously returned document from a POSTed form if that
document had links which you activated, and then go back with the PREV_DOC
command or via the history list. If set TRUE, the form will be resubmitted
under those circumstances as well. Documents returned by forms with method
GET still require use of the RESUBMIT command to resubmit if the forms'
content was not changed, and forms with a mailto action still always mail
the content on activation of the submit button or submitting text input
(no document is returned, so the PREV_DOC command and history list behaviors
are irrelevant). - FM
* Use space to plus conversions for values of submitted form content (Ugh,
Lynx has been using %20 all these years! It worked because they are
unescaped to space, anyway. 8-). - FM
* Polished up and massively annotated the redirection handling code. If
a user approves redirection of a form with POST content, it will not be
freed and the submission will not be converted to a contentless GET request
unless the status was 303 (See Other). For 300 (Multiple Choices), the
returned document is offered, which should include links with descriptions
of their media types. The returned document (if any) is now displayed for
any redirection status code if no Location: header was present, and for
unknown 3xx codes (i.e., greater than 305). If Lynx gets an inappropriate
304 (Not Modified), it switches to HEAD mode and displays the status line,
and anything else returned by the server, as text/plain. A 301 (Moved
Permanently) will be treated as 302 (Moved Temporarily) for form submissions
with POST content. Otherwise, Lynx will use the new URL for the remainder
of the current session (users will have to do a 'r'emove and 'a'dd for their
bookmarks themselves, for now). A 305 (Use Proxy) will not be honored if
Lynx is already using a proxy, and instead the returned document will be
displayed. The limit on serial redirections was dropped from the current
10 to 5, as recommended in the August 10, 1996 HTTP/1.1 draft. - FM
* Mods to accommodate the HTTP/1.1 300 - 305 Redirection status codes, and
to require user confirmation for any redirection of POST content. - FM
* Tweaks of OBJECT handling. - FM
* Implemented all aspects of OBJECT that make sense for a text client.
Will descend though nested OBJECTs. Can be used for presenting PRE
formatted character-cell versions of images, and appears to handle
all likely uses of the SHAPES and USEMAP attributes in OBJECTs. The
pseudo-ALTs for links to non-script DATA values (i.e, the for-GUI
sources) when offered as links (e.g., in clickable_images mode), if
not a markup-specified string (e.g., based on a TITLE attribute),
are (IMAGE) or (OBJECT), based on whether the nature of the source
can be inferred from the context, or an explicit TYPE attribute in
the OBJECT start tag. The use of parens instead of square-brackets
indicates that the links are for OBJECTs as opposed to IMGs. - FM
* Tweaks of SELECT and OPTION handling. - FM
* Lots more stuff added to the online help files. - FM
* Added state code in SGML.c to avoid getting tripped up by any single or
double quotes in CJK escape sequences that are within single or double
quoted attribute values. - TA
* Restrict resetting the Kanji code flag on white space to Japanese
(i.e., not also Chinese, Taipai, or Korean). - TA
* Added handling of EPLF lines (with local time) for the FTP gateway. -
D. J. Bernstein (
* Added code for handling captured OBJECT content with the SHAPES
attribute equivalently to our handling of FIG, and with USEMAP and/or
ISMAP content equivalently to our handling of IMG.
* Added code for capturing potentially nested container elements that
require pre-processing, e.g., OBJECT, and for passing the processed
markup back to the SGML parser to be inserted within the ongoing HTML
* Added CHECK_EAGAIN Makefile definition for non-SVR4 Unix flavors which
might need it for socket connect() and select() calls. - FM
* Tweaks of keyboard input with slang when LYCursesON is FALSE. - FM
* Terminate and start a new Accept: header line if the current one will
exceed 1 KB (shouldn't be necessary, but otherwise the long lines cause
an error for WebSitePro and crash Netscape servers, and perhaps have
adversed effects on some other http servers with ill designed code for
content negotiation). - FM
* Give temporary files suffixes matched to the Content-Type for all flavors
of Unix and for VMS, not just for NeXT. - FM
* Tweak of Location: header parsing in HTTP.c (trim all lead spaces). - FM
* More help and documentation updates. - FM
* Updated the online help files. - FM
* Mods of "user (A)gent" 'o'ption handling. Also added a "useragent"
-restriction, included in the defaults for anonymous accounts. See
the "Lynx options menu" section of the "Lynx Users Guide" via the
online 'h'elp for more information. - FM
* Tweaks of messaging for unsupported URLs. - FM
* Tweaks of interrupt handling on VMS. - FM
* Added handling of Refresh in META tags. The URL is presented as a link
pointed to by a "REFRESH(n sec):" label, where "n" is the seconds
parameter from the META tag, and you must activate it yourself, which
should enable people using Lynx via a braille interface to examine
the initial document before it is refreshed. The META format is:
<META HTTP-EQUIV=refresh CONTENT="n; URL=url"> where "n" can be "0" or
a positive integer, and the "; URL=url" field is optional, defaulting
to the document's own address. Netscape's docs say that "url" should
be a complete URL, but their client doesn't require it, and so it's
users don't reliably use complete URLs. Lynx therefore resolves "url"
versus the document's own address if it is not complete. - FM
* Added handling of ENCTYPE="text/plain" for FORMs with a mailto ACTION.
The name=value pairs are not hex escaped, and physical newlines instead
of '&' separate the pairs, so that the content is readable directly. - FM
* Added SUBJECT attribute as synonym for TITLE in FORMs (Some clients
are using it instead of TITLE for mailto ACTIONs, ugh!). - FM
* Tweaks of DEL, S, STRIKE, and INS handling. - FM
* Handle any newline characters in quoted INPUT values. - FM
* Added news-ncurses and news-slang Makefile targets, and tweaks of headers
for sony_news. - Makoto MATSUSHITA (
* Finished and incorporated lynx_url_support.html in the online help,
and updated lynx_help_main.html. - FM
* Tweaks of ID attribute handling. - FM
* Tweaks of the gopher gateway. - FM
* Updated IBMPC-charsets.announce. - MB
* Set the default anonymous account restrictions if Lynx is invoked in
the account pointed to by ANONYMOUS_USER, or with the -anonymous switch,
before processing any additional command line restrictions, so that any
greater restrictions will not drop back to the compilation defaults.
Note that the full set of -validate restrictions always are enforced for
that switch, i.e., no matter what other switches or compilation options
are used, and whether or not the account is anonymous. - FM
* Implemented handling of the ANONYMOUS_USER definition on VMS (equivalently
to it's implementation on Unix). - FM
* Tweaks of mailto URL handling and setting of the default subject via
TITLE attributes. - FM
* Tweak of the news gateway's handling of the author (From:) field. - FM
* If a server returns redirection without a complete URL indicated, resolve
it relative to the original request instead of issuing an error message
(this is incorrect behavior, but that's another trashed standard, and
Lynx may as well handle the situation as standard-less clients do). - FM
* Move the NO_JUMPFILE and JUMP_PROMPT definitions to LYMessages_en.h - FM
* Added code for selective disabling of goto by scheme in anonymous accounts,
along lines of patch from Doug Lawson ( - FM
* Ignore any viewer mappings for text/html or text/plain in mailcap
files. - FM
* Updated ptx target and added ptx-slang. - Alan Coopersmith
* Added all the new elements and attributes from the July 12 HTML 3.2/Cougar
DTD, and implemented the new IMG TITLE attribute for use with USEMAP.
* Added a -startfile_ok switch for allowing a non-http startfile or homepage
with -validate, and restored the behavior of not allowing *any* non-http
URLs by default.
* Treat PLAIN and TYPE="plain" as equivalent in UL tags. - FM
* Fixed the mispositioning of thinsp in HTMLDTD.c. - FM
* Moved the statusline prompt, message, and warning string definitions
out of userdefs.h into an LYMessages_en.h header. See the comments
in userdefs.h and LYMessages_en.h for more information. - FM
* Removed the -lc from the LIBS= list of the snake3 and snake3-slang
targets, added a description of the HP/UX 10.10 select() problems
and reported (but not yet satisfactory) workarounds in the PROBLEMS
file, and a note in the Makefile to read the PROBLEMS file. - FM
* Numerous typecasts added for optimized compilations. - FM
* Tweaks for ISC. - WS
* Changed make to $(MAKE) and -g to -O for Unix targets (may need
tweaking for some flavors 8-). - FM
* Added news target for SONY NEWS-OS 4.2.1R based on patch from
Kazuya 'Sharl' Masuda ( and TA. - FM
* Fixed typo in LYList.c from yesterday's mods. - FM
* Plugged memory leaks associated with temporary file names. - FM
* Finally figured out what was creating orphan child anchors, and plugged
that memory leak in HTAnchor_delete(). - FM
* Replace <sys/select.h> with <sys/timeb.h> for SCO in tcp.h. - BL
* Mods to avoid warning about redefinition of signal when building on
VMS with old versions of SOCKETSHR (irrelevant, but might worry
people who don't know that the warning can be ignored). - FM
* Plugged various memory leaks in FORM handling code. - FM
* Add the startfile, and homepage if different, to the 'g'oto recall
buffer so that they are available for editing in addition to any
overtly entered 'g'oto URLs. - FM
* Changed TRUSTED_URL to ALWAYS_TRUSTED_EXEC for clarity, and plugged
memory leaks and some security holes in that code. - FM
* Fixed typo in code for handling Z compressed files. - FM
* Added handling of &thinsp; (&#8201;), and handling of &#8194; as &ensp;,
&#8195; as &emsp;, &#8211; as &ndash; or &endash;, &#8212; as &mdash; or
&emdash;, and &#8482; as &trade; (treated as &reg; &#174;), based on the
Cougar DTD. - FM
* Increased the line buffer size in HTLoadHTTP() and limited the deflt string
length in HTPrompt() to avoid possibilities of buffer overruns. - FM
* Block access to file: URLs via network served files or bookmarks in
addition to 'g'oto entries when -restrictions=file_url is set (one of
the default restrictions for -anonymous). - FM
* Extended compressed file handling to the ftp gateway and local files.
If you ACTIVATE the link instead of overtly invoking a 'd'ownload, and
the path with the gz or Z stripped maps to a displayable Content-Type or
one for which you have a viewer or helper app, the file will be treated
as if it had a Content-Encoding: header indicating the compression (i.e.,
uncompressed and displayed or passed to the viewer or helper app). - FM
* Mods to send http servers an Accept-Encoding: header indicating gzip and
compress, and to block inclusion of our new, internal www/compressed MIME
type in the Accept: header list. - FM
* Changed the names of the lex_buffer and lex_lines globals to HTlex_buffer
and HTlex_lines in case name conflicts are causing segmentation faults on
linux for long usernames in authorization requests, and changed all
malloc()'s to calloc()'s in that code in case there's an initialization
glitch I don't yet see. - FM
* Use the username and password of an -auth= command line argument only
for the first realm that requests authorization, so they don't preclude
access to other realms later in any interactive session that might have
a different username and/or password, and handle inclusion of only a
username or only a password in the -auth= argument. - FM
* Tweaks of memory leak plugs in authorization handling functions (hopefully
now avoiding segmentation faults on linux 8-). - FM
* Include -lc in the first position of the LIBS= list for snake3 targets.
- Donald S. Teiser <
* Enhancements of Makefile. - LWV
* Tweaks of code for uncompressing on the fly. Will now force a download
offer without uncompressing if there is no presentation mapping for the
Content-Type. - FM
* Retain blank lines within TEXTAREA content (but not trailing blanks). - DT
* Added functions for uncompressing and handling documents which have
Content-Encoding headers that indicate "x-gzip", "gzip", "x-compress",
or "compress" (instead of forcing a download offer). The files are
not uncompressed if they were fetched via the 'd'ownload command.
Note, however, that if you activate a link for a compressed image or
other binary file, and don't have a viewer or helper app mapped for it,
it will already have been uncompressed before a D)ownload or C)ancel
offer can be made, so use the 'd'ownload command directly if it is
your intention to download such files. Note also that on VMS "gzip -d"
is used for both gz and Z uncompression. See the INSTALLATION file for
info on getting the VMS port of gzip. - FM
* Allow any startfile and homepage in -validate mode even if they are not
http URLs. - FM
* Made all the 'o'ptions menu statusline prompts and informational messages
strings that can be defined in userdefs.h for different languages. - FM
* Mods to send one Accept header as a comma-separated list instead of a
series of individual Accept header statements. - FM
* Added NO_FILE_REFERER configuration symbol and -nofilereferer switch
for disabling transmissions of Referer headers for any file URLs (is
a subset of what NO_REFERER_HEADER and -noreferer disable). - FM
* Tweaks to facilitate additions of security-related patches. - FM
* Added NEWS_CHUNK_SIZE and NEWS_MAX_CHUNK configuration symbols and
-newschunksize and -newsmaxchunk switches for regulating the chunking
of news article listings. See comments in lynx.cfg for explanation. - FM
doing double scheme prefixing under some circumstances). - FM
* Fixed problem of potential crashes with bad HTML which lacks any
OPTION tags in SELECT containers (Yes, HTML that bad is really out
there! 8-). - FM
* Fixed problem of potential infinite loop in HText_endAppend() for documents
that contain nothing but SCRIPTs and empty OBJECT containers (as in the
Microsoft ActiveX demos). -FM
* Added circular recall buffer for paths used as the second argument in
'd'ownload and 'p'rint menu commands. Use the up- and down-arrow keys
to access then at the statusline prompt, equivalently to the recalls for
previous 'g'oto URLs, 'j'ump shortcuts, and ISINDEX or WHEREIS search
queries. - FM
* Modified the LYMail.c functions to work as intended with both curses
and slang (through v0.9-33) on both Unix and VMS. - FM
* Changed yesterday's symbols to URL_DOMAIN_PREFIXES and URL_DOMAIN_SUFFIXES
and added code to guess the scheme based on the first field of the domain
name (e.g., will become gopher:// instead
an http://host URL). Note also that a partial host string can contain a
dot within it and still be tested with prefixes and suffixes if the DNS
lookup fails with the host string as entered (e.g., cc.ukans will become, and only dots at the end or beginning of the
partial host string will block prepending or appending, respectively, of
items from the prefix or suffix lists (e.g., will block use of
items from the prefix list, but permit tests from the suffix list, and
will become if the lookup succeeds). - FM
lynx.cfg for defining lists and setting the order of domain name prefixes
and suffixes to use when creating http:// URLs from command line and
'g'oto arguments which are not already URLs and cannot be opened via a
file://localhost URL (see 05-30-96 entry). - FM
* Tweaks of MIME header handling. - FM
* Do not send a referer header for links obtained from the history list,
bookmark file, or jumps file. - FM
* Made sorts by name case-sensitive in ftp and file listings. - FM
* Added osf-slang make target. - FM
* Enable ^C (SIGINT) interrupts during spawns on Unix (^C and ^Y interrupts
were already being enabled for VMS ). - FM
* Fixed glitch in WHEREIS search handling. - Michael Barabanov
* Tweaks of ftp gateway for VM/CMS servers based on feedback from PG. - FM
* More tweaks of 'o'ptions menu and DISPLAY handling. - FM
* Tweaks for builds with WIN_TCP on VMS. - FM
* Modified 'o'ptions menu handling to allow NULLing of strings which were
set at startup. Note that if you NULL (or set) the DISPLAY variable,
Lynx configured itself for X/Motif or not based on whether it was set
(or NULL) at startup, and you need to restart Lynx to really change the
configuration for 'd'ownload forces versus X/Motif viewer spawns. - FM
* More tweaks of language code, to make the HTCJK enum checks more
portable. - FM
* Set up handling of nested DIV tags with ALIGN attributes (and CENTER,
which is treated as DIV ALIGN="center"). - FM
* Removed INSERT, ALIAS and MH from the DTD, and their associated code
from HTML.c and GridText.c. - FM
* Tweaks of character set handling. - FM
* Added function for graphic boxing of popups with curses on VMS. - FM
* Mods to translate CJK escape sequences and take Kanji into account when
handling statusline() messages. That's in effect if a CJK character set
is selected, and regardless of the raw or CJK mode setting, because the
strings are coming from definitions in userdefs.h, not the document that
is being rendered or displayed. - FM
* Added more statusline() string definitions in userdefs.h. - FM
* Ignore a server's Content-Encoding header if it inappropriately indicates
"8bit" or "7bit" (should be indicated a compression scheme). - FM
* Mods to use charset strings as in the 07-Jun-1996 HTTP/1.1 draft, and to
check for those as well as their common synonyms. - FM
* Mods to revive clearok() functionality with the slang 0.99-33 library
(need it for Kanji handling and for VMS), and to deal with the definition
conflicts for the (poorly added) TRUE and FALSE definitions in the new
slang library's SLcurses.h. - FM
* Added handling of the SFS file system on VM ftp servers, tested on (be sure to escape the colons if you use SFS
paths, e.g., - FM
* More memory management enhancements and leak plugs. - FM
* Added -DUNIX and -DSCO to the sco and sco5 libwww targets. - BL
* Added handling of &shy;, &#173;, and 8-bit 173 for ISO-Latin-1 documents,
as a soft hyphen for all of the character sets. - FM
* Polished up and massively annotated the new character set handling
code. - FM
* Made all the dummy libwww headers in WWW/Library/Implementation
compatible with the new, actually used, headers in /src. - FM
* Fixed some bad ifdef-ing for statusline string definitions which
were added to userdefs.h. - FM
* Added many more userdefs.h definitions for statusline() and HTAlert()
messages. - FM
* Tweaks of ALT string handling when they are used as forced link names
for USEMAP, AREA, IMG, EMBED or APPLET sources. - FM
* Oops, hadn't put the new HTML.h in the zip. - FM
* Fixed casing typo for HTCJK.h inclusion in HTMIME.c. - LWV
* Updated the help files, and lynx.hlp concerning the character
set handling. - FM
* Changed the -jpn switch to a generic -raw switch, and the LYK_JPN_TOGGLE
('@') to a generic LYK_RAW_TOGGLE. The toggling also can be done via
the 'o'ptions menu, in conjunction with selecting character sets. See
the comments about CHARACTER_SET in userdefs.h and lynx.cfg for more
information. The toggle determines whether raw 8-bit characters in the
document are assumed to be ISO-8859-1, and therefore translated for the
non-"ISO Latin 1" character sets based on their LYCharSets.c arrays, or
are assumed to match the character set (e.g, 8-bit ISO-8859-2 when the
"ISO Latin 2" set is selected, or Kanji when a CJK set is selected) and
therefore processed raw. Use raw or CJK mode when you know the charset
of the document is a match to your selected character set, but no header
or suffix has indicated that the charset is not ISO-8859-1. Be careful
about this when "Other ISO Latin" is selected, since the document could
be, e.g., ISO-8859-3, but you are using, e.g., ISO-8859-5. - FM
* Added "Other ISO Latin", "Chinese", "Japanese (EUC)", "Japanese (SJIS)",
"Korean", and "Taipei (Big5)", character sets, which presently translate
8-bit ISO-8859-1 named and numeric entities to 7-bit approximations, and
added a default "CHARACTER_SET" definition in userdefs.h, complementary
to that in lynx.cfg. - FM
* Worked in the expanded CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) escape sequence and
Kanji handling from Takuya ASADA's June 11, 1996 Lynx2-5CJK (available in - FM
* Tweak of the ftp gateway to handle Reflection Unix emulation servers. - FM
* Made lynx_version_putenv_command a global so we can free it at exit
via free_lynx_globals() in LYMain.c. - FM
* Convert a 0xFFFF value from slang in LYgetch() to 7 (^G) to cancel
whatever called it, instead of exiting on error. - FM
* Tweaks of Makefile to use symbolic, $(include) and $(lib) paths with
ncurses for convex, NeXT and sun4, and for SOCKSLIB. - LWV
* Tweaks of mail editor handling based on patch from Arne Riiber
( - FM
* Had overdone it plugging memory leaks and was freeing the proxy, news
server, and lynx version variables too soon. - FM
* Moved the Kanji handling variables into HText structure elements to make
the GridText.c functions reentrant for them, and added code for regulating
them via charset parameters in server headers or META tags. The recognized
parameters are EUC-JP, Shift-JIS, ISO-2022-JP, ISO-2022-JP-2, and EUC-KR.
E.g., a META with:
HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=Shift-JIS"
will set up handling of the document as Shift-JIS. - FM
* Made handling of Kanji more reliable when SJIS is the default, based
on the strategy in Takuya ASADA's Japanized Lynx2-4-2. - FM
* K&Rized the Ichikawa ISO-2022-JP MIME header handling functions and added
them to HTMIME.c, together with Takuya ASADA's (
function for guessing whether an escape has been lost and filling it in,
and use them for checking news headers. - FM
* Retry DCL spawns without the TRUSTED flag if it was included and we
got back an INVARG status. - Robert C. Gray (
* Plugged lots of memory leaks. - FM
* Handle colons in code for expanding host names and prepending http://
(e.g., wfbr:8002 will become - FM
* More tweaks of character conversions. - FM
* Block crashes if illegal markup such as Anchors are present in the
OPTION strings for SELECT. - FM
* Mods of entity and end tag handling in SGML.c and LYCharUtils.c. - FM
* Tweaks of make target for sun4-slang. - NHE
* More tweaks of the ftp gateway. - FM
* More anti-crash protections for bad HTML. - FM
* Tweaks of LYCharUtils.c and SGML.c. - KW
* Enclose the username for rlogin URLs in double-quotes on VMS to preserve
mixed casing if present. - Robert C. Gray (
lynx.cfg. - FM
* Added comments in HTFTP.c to make more clear some of the counterintuitive
things being done, and why. - FM
* Oops, had left my ISSPACE() debugging macro in HTFTP.c yesterday. Is
now back to isspace(). - FM
* Added support for ;type=I (or A or D) to specify Image or ASCII transfer
modes, or a Directory, in ftp URLs. - FM
* Added support for VM/CMS ftp servers. Note that 'd'ownloaded text files
will have CRLF as line terminators, due to their use of ASCII records
(tested on - FM
* Added support for use of a tilde on Unix ftp servers to indicate that you
want a listing of the user's login directory instead of the root (i.e.,
ftp://user@host/~ or ftp://user@host/~username will cause Lynx to attempt
a listing of the translated ~ or ~username). Paths can be appended (e.g.,
ftp://user@host/~/subdirectory). This should not be used with anonymous
ftp, or in public documents. It yields the behavior on Unix or Unix-like
ftp servers which should occur without the tilde, based on RFC 1738. Note
that the valid behavior involving use of %2f is implemented for VMS (see
the 12-20-95 entry, below), but the behavior for Unix and Unix-like ftp
servers emulates Lynx's Unix DIRED_SUPPORT. - FM
* Mods of CSO/PH gateway to deal with discontinuous field name tokens
(e.g., "NYU fax" instead of "NYU_fax"). - FM
* More fixes for the putenv_command pointer in LYMain.c. - CC
* Add curly braces to the current hack for mininizing reversals of
trace messages with slang. - KW
* Modified the http:// prepending code to try expanded host names if the
the first (or only) element does not contain a dot and is not a known
host name. Will first try it as, then, then, then, e.g., wfbr/dir/lynx will become an URL. - FM
* Added handling of MSDOS_SERVER ftp server type (tested on
and corrected WINDOWS_NT_SERVER handling (tested on - FM
* Reset any modified, non-HT-LEFT styles in HTML_free() if they were not
reset in HTML_end_element() due to missing end tags. - FM
* Initialize the putenv_command pointer in LYMain.c. - Christophe Colle
* Include LYLocal.h in LYCgi.c. - Carl Hansen (
* Made all mainloop() statusline() message strings definitions in userdefs.h
for easier modification to other languages (we'll move them to a catalog
someday 8-). - FM
* Added string definitions in userdefs.h for statusline messages identifying
active or DISABLED radio buttons. - FM
* More tweaks of character conversions. Note that numeric entities with
values greater than 255 are displayed as text, until we are able to
handle them as Unicode. - FM
* Implemented ID handling for BDO. - FM
* Added nested handling of Q, so that it alternates between double-quotes
and single-quotes, with directionality of start and end single-quotes
(should someday check the LANG and DIR attributes, and character set,
to use other quoting conventions if appropriate). - FM
* Use [DEL: ... :DEL] labeling to indicate DEL content, and [INS: ... :INS]
labeling to indicate INS, S, and STRIKE content. - FM
* Added ID handling for ABBREV, ACRONYM, AU, AUTHOR, BIG, DEL, INS, Q, S,
* Added code to clear the screen of any trace messages directed to the
screen, once the full page has been created. - FM
* Added code to minimize slang's casting of trace messages as reverse when
directed to the screen instead of a file. - FM
* More tweaks of character conversions. - FM
* Added submit_enctype elements to the forms structures as will be needed to
implement INPUTS with TYPE="file" (someday 8-), and set disabled for FORM
fields if the ENCTYPE is multipart/form-data, until we can handle that
(someday 8-), so the user won't fill out the FORM pointlessly. - FM
* Made the third argument of SLang_init_tty() 1 so that '\n' will be treated
as CRLF when trace messages are sent to the screen instead of to a file.
Might cause problems with the slang screen management functions, but
doesn't seem to according to KW. - FM
* Mods to pass 8-bit control characters entered via the line editor. They
should be assumed to be valid if the user entered them, and could indeed
be valid for Japanese and Russian. - FM
* Check for a NULL return value from initscr() on Unix. - Geert Jan de Groot
* Tweaks of character conversions, and of 8-bit character handling with
slang. - Klaus Weide (
* Added TRUSTED_URL for specifying lynxexec and lynxprog URLs which always
are permitted, based on patches from David Drum ( - FM
* Made the LOCAL_DOMAIN symbol configurable via lynx.cfg. - FM
* Added descriptions of the quality (q=) and maxbytes (mxb=) parameters
in the sample mailcap file. - FM
* Added a maxbytes element to the libwww presentation and converter
structures, and code for specifying a maximum for mailcap entries via
a semi-colon-separated mxb=value field, where "value" is a positive
integer (e.g., ; mxb=1000000). The default is 0, meaning no maximum.
If the value exceeds 0, a maxbytes parameter will be appended in the
Accept: header for the Content-Type. - FM
* Added code for specifying a quality parameter for mailcap entries via
a semi-colon-separated q=value field, where "value" is a floating point
number (e.g., ; q=0.002), and for appending the quality parameters in
Accept: headers if the values are less than 1.0. - FM
* Treat screen width as 80 for the startup page when doing traversals with
a slang-build Lynx to prevent a crash. - FM
* Mods in HTML.c to make resolving of local file URLs more efficient. - FM
* Tweaks of Makefile for slang. - Ed Doolittle (
* Added FRAME elements and attributes to the DTD, and code for creating
links to the SRCs. - FM
* Added numerous sanity checks for valid but inappropriate combinations
of attributes based on the HTML 3.2 DTD.
* Added support for TYPE and VALUE attributes of LIs in OLs. TYPEs
are equivalent to those for OL, and VALUE is equivalent to START
or SEQNUM for OL. See the 11-28-95, 10-17-95, 09-19-95 and 09-04-95
entries in this file. If a TYPE is changed via an LI, the change
persists for subsequent LIs of that OL. The VALUE set for an LI
similarly increments for subsequent LIs in that OL. - FM
* Made SGML_character() in SGML.c fully reentrant. - FM
* Set up capturing of marked sections, and DOCTYPE, ELEMENT, ATTLIST and
ENTITY declarations in SGML.c. Lynx doesn't do anything with them yet,
besides reporting them in trace mode, but they at least won't create
garbage in the display if they start being used for the "next generation"
of clients. - FM
* Set up base code for CSIs (Client Side Includes, homologous to SSIs).
See the comments for LYDoCSI() in LYUtils.c. It should be moved to a
separate module if someone wants to work on CSIs seriously. LYDoCSI()
is called from SGML.c if the document was obtained via a file URL on
the local host and has comments that begin with "!--#". - FM
* Add a MIME charset parameter to POST Content-Type headers if it's not
ISO-8859-1 or US-ASCII and the server included the parameter when it
sent the form (but don't do it simply on the basis of the user's current
character set, because if the server didn't include the parameter, it's
CGI script probably won't parse the client header either, and will return
an error instead of processing the form submission). - FM
* Tweaks for Unixware and addition of a unixware-slang Makefile target based
on patches from Thanh Ma ( - FM
* Tweaks for SCO and addition of an sco5 Makefile target based on patches
from Bela Lubkin ( - FM
* Include ;q=0.001 for the wildcard (*/*) Accept header. - FM
* Added support for a host field in news URLs, analogous to that for nntp
URLs. Though illegal according to the current RFCs, discussions with a
W3C member about this Netscapism indicate that Lynx may as well support
it now, rather than continue failing when it is encountered. - FM
* Added an explicit GetYX definition for slang in LYForms.c. - FM
* Eliminated the NCURSESINCDIR compilation symbol and added NCURSESHEADER,
so the default now is to seek ncurses/curses.h and -DNCURSESHEADER invokes
a seek for the (now obsolete 8-) ncurses.h. - FM
* Added an explicit GetYX definition for slang in LYStrings.c (now avoids
reference to stdscr). - FM
* Mods in tcp.h for TCPWARE builds on VMS with DECC. - FM
* Fixed typo in Makefile entry for linux. - LWV
* Added LYPassHighCTRL boolean for passing normally illegal 8-bit control
characters, and set it TRUE when the KOI8-R character set is selected
(note that they also are passed when Japanese character support is
toggled ON). - FM
* Mods in SGML.c to handle "<URL:" as text instead of an unknown tag. - FM
* Added typecasts of the third arguments for the getsockname() and
accept() calls in HTFTP.c to void pointers, to avoid conflicts with
their declarations as int versus unsigned int across platforms and
flavors. - FM
* Renamed the for-VMS opendir(), readdir() and closedir() to HTVMSopendir(),
HTVMSreaddir() and HTVMSclosedir(), and the for-UCX ioctl() to HTioctl(),
to avoid possible conflicts with their additions to newer versions of
VMS and UCX. - FM
* Fixed typo which was placing a space instead of a slash between the
User-Agent name and version. - Tim Rowley (
--- STARTING 2.5FM ---
--- Rename of Lynx2-4-FM and release as Lynx2-5 (02-May-1996) ---
(see CHANGES2-5, CHANGES2-4 and CHANGES2-3)