Commits on May 21, 2009
  1. fix uninitialized stack variable use, leading to occasional crash.

    Crash spotted by, fix by
    committed May 21, 2009
  2. modify the socklen_t test to include <sys/types.h>, fixes build failu…

    …res on gcc2 platforms.
    committed May 21, 2009
Commits on May 20, 2009
  1. trim unused files which are already gone from the openbsd tree; can r…

    …evert this cset to ease upstream merging
    committed May 20, 2009
  2. Merge branch 'upstream' to lynx-2.8.6.rel5

    committed May 20, 2009
  3. update to lynx-2.8.6rel.5

    committed May 20, 2009
  4. Use appropriate wait(2) macros to test for editor failure.

    This also fixes an `&&' that was supposed to be an `&'.
    Reported by Alexey Dobriyan <adobriyan at gmail dot com>.
    ``I like it'' otto@.
    ray committed with Nov 21, 2006
  5. Add check for mkdtemp(3) failure. Prevents segfaults when TMPDIR

    or TMP are set to nonexistent directories.
    Fixes PR 5247, reported by Marcus Popp <mpopp at paranoidbsd dot
    OK millert@, jaredy@, and improvement by moritz@.
    ray committed with Oct 13, 2006
  6. More read/write result checking fixes to avoid unsigned comparisons vs

    ok henning@ beck@ ray@
    krw committed with Jan 29, 2008
  7. fix makefile races.

    okay millert@
    espie committed with Dec 1, 2007
  8. fgets(3) returns NULL on error, not 0. No functional change, but it m…

    the code easier to read.
    OK deraadt
    cloder committed with Oct 10, 2006
  9. make lynx(1) to use arc4random(4) instead of other random functions;

    avoid a segfault by checking the value of TAB TO;
    from Alexey Dobriyan <>; pushed by deraadt@
    robert committed with Nov 27, 2005
  10. Backport from lynx-2.8.6dev.7b to prevent a memory exhaustion from cr…

    lynx while parsing pages such as:
    Submitted by: Thorsten Glaser <tg at>
    avsm committed with Oct 21, 2004
  11. sync with openbsd 198795b9

    committed May 20, 2009
  12. Let's have defined as the STARTFILE again.

    ok deraadt@
    robert committed with Jun 27, 2004
  13. local changes for openbsd lynx.cfg

    committed May 20, 2009
  14. zap compilation date from the binary; ok henning@

    mbalmer committed with Feb 16, 2005
  15. Use fprintf correctly.

    OK deraadt@
    cloder committed with Apr 6, 2005
  16. mkdtemp temp space directory (art)

    committed May 20, 2009
  17. simple fixes for buffer overflows in telnet:// tn3270:// and rlogin:/…

    …/ and a fix for stupid handling of username for rlogin:// (which is passed to system()...)
    art committed with Nov 16, 1998
  18. Make it compile even if exec-permissions are missing on

    Work by maja@, ok deraadt@
    hin committed with May 1, 2000
Commits on May 19, 2009
  1. apply lynx-2.8.5.rel4 patch

    committed May 19, 2009
  2. apply lynx-2.8.5.rel3 patch

    committed May 19, 2009
  3. apply lynx-2.8.5.rel2

    committed May 19, 2009
  4. import lynx-2.8.5.rel1

    committed May 19, 2009