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Unofficial git-converted mirror of OpenBSD ports CVS tree, synched every two hours
Perl C C++ Shell Ruby Emacs Lisp Other
Latest commit 2bbe16f @avsm initial import of ocaml-core-107.01
Not complete yet, some tests fail due to use of Linux-specific sysconf
Failed to load latest commit information.
archivers SH -> /bin/sh, no need for a variable there either
astro use
audio Bugfix update to lame-3.99.
benchmarks FLAVOR:L
biology FLAVOR:L
books CHMOD and CHOWN serve no useful purpose, they're just chown/chmod
cad normalize pkgpath
chinese CHMOD and CHOWN serve no useful purpose, they're just chown/chmod
comms FLAVOR:L
converters Don't disable the static library for enca.
databases BROKEN on powerpc.
devel initial import of ocaml-core-107.01
editors convert databases/db to, a bit more complicated since
education maintenance update to 2.8.5
emulators Give this a chance to build on powerpc.
fonts - update liberation-fonts to 1.07.1
games Missing dependency, spotted by Chris Bennett.
geo This has been broken forever on powerpc, so mark it as such.
graphics Update to makehuman-0.9.1rc1.
infrastructure Merge
inputmethods Set DATADIRNAME in a consistent way now that glib-gettext.m4 has been
japanese normalize pkgpath
java sync
korean these ports have moved to fonts/, some have gotten the ko-prefix wher…
lang Merge
mail upgrade to Postfix 2.8.6
math byebye pre-fetch
misc Cleanup this port.
multimedia +yle-dl
net import bin-prot-2.0.3
news Major upgrade to 2.0.0
palm Drop maintainership and bump
plan9 Fix build on i386
print Maintenance update to foo2zjs-20111020.
productivity update to radicale 0.6.2, from Mark Peoples via maintainer.
russian normalize pkgpath
security Merge branch 'master' of
shells Fix completion when ksh_arrays is set.
sysutils Merge
telephony SECURITY update to Asterisk, trivial remote crash in SIP affe…
textproc add destdir to sexplib (no change, but safer)
www Security fixes for SA46551,
x11 - update to 1.19.15
.cvsignore Change WRKOBJDIR (again...) to default to ${PORTSDIR}/pobj instead of…
INDEX sync after hobbit madness
Makefile enter fonts
README Repoint URL to OpenBSD Porters Handbook.


Documentation for the ports tree: ports(7), packages(7), mirroring-ports(7),
library-specs(7),, port-modules(5).

See also the OpenBSD Porter's Handbook

$OpenBSD: README,v 1.19 2010/08/31 03:28:43 lum Exp $
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