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Infrastructure for personal VPNs
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OutputParser/SignpostDataParser Java Parser for the output traces
android_tools/NetQoSDiversityMonitor Background monitoring app
client_resolver removing the unbound requirement from the source code and add a text …
dns_measurement Update dns_measurement/tests/
frost [frost] Add more proper JSON-RPC message types
psp Last commit with some changed old fashioned tactics
psp_python Changing the data container for the personal signpost in a separate c…
scripts add a script to generate the NSD config files for Signposts on Amazon
server Adding some initial files for the server side functionality
simulation Changes to orig simulation
socialnet Changes in sqliteController Library, designed for storing and disemin…
tactic_engine [tactic_engine] add original design plan
tactics Update tactics/tcpcrypt/
tunnel_measurement Merge branch 'master' of
util Fixing the signing section of script
vpn rename to vpn for clarity
wiki_media Add images for wiki
.gitignore Adding OCaml build files to gitignore
components_of_signpost.txt Updates to components of signpost design doc, reflecting protocol des… [init-code] use glibtoolize not libtoolize on osx


System to form a personal VPN infrastructure between devices and

It will use the VPN capabilities to automatically establish a secure
feed between devices (e.g. Laptop/iPhone/iPad) and a coordination
server that will initially live on the cloud (e.g. as an Amazon
Micro AMI).

Still in alpha, not for public use.
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