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# $OpenBSD: Makefile,v 1.20 2010/06/28 16:03:15 phessler Exp $
# To run full regression tests you just need two steps:
# 1. make depend
# 2. make regress
# A normal "make" is not necessary and will simply do the same thing
# as "regress" (possibly with more bugs). This allows us to include
# compilation as a part of the regression test.
# To get a log of test results set the REGRESS_LOG make variable to
# a log file, use an absolute path.
# To mail the test results set the REGRESS_MAIL make variable to an
# email address.
# To skip the really slow tests, set the REGRESS_SKIP_SLOW variable.
SUBDIR+= etc bin include lib libexec sbin sys share usr.bin usr.sbin misc gnu
.if !empty(REGRESS_MAIL)
.if empty(REGRESS_MAIL) || empty(_REGRESS_TMP)
.if ${.TARGETS:Mall} || ${.TARGETS:Mregress}
echo ====================================================================
.if empty(REGRESS_MAIL) || empty(_REGRESS_TMP)
echo You can set REGRESS_LOG to point to a file and mail it manually.
echo $$ make REGRESS_LOG=/var/log/regress-tests regress
echo Mailing regress results to ${REGRESS_MAIL} ...
echo If you want them to be also logged locally, you can set the
echo REGRESS_LOG make variable to the full path of a log file.
(sysctl -n kern.version && cat ${_REGRESS_TMP}) | /usr/bin/mail -s "Regress: `uname -a`" ${REGRESS_MAIL}
echo ====================================================================
.include <>