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Commits on Oct 23, 2011
  1. Remove comment; the question can be answerd affirmative. Fix a coding…

    Mark Kettenis authored
    … style
    nit while I'm there.
  2. @mpieuchot

    Revert key modifier change in raw mode, it's not clear which modifier we

    mpieuchot authored
    want to use for ADB keyboard.
  3. shorten periods of fdplock() in accept() and socket(), so that greater

    Theo de Raadt authored
    concurrency is possible in the future.  discussed with guenther and
    matthew.  ok tedu
Commits on Oct 22, 2011
  1. @miod

    Comment out ISP_{T,}DEBUG[0-3] traces if option SMALL_KERNEL; allows …

    miod authored
    floppyB to fit again. ok deraadt@
  2. @miod
  3. Sunix 50xx serial/parallel cards

    Camiel Dobbelaar authored
    Bump PUC_MAX_PORTS, the resulting growth of pucdata will be dealt with later.
    ok deraadt
  4. regen

    Camiel Dobbelaar authored
  5. Another Sunix id for their 50xx series cards

    Camiel Dobbelaar authored
  6. Do not run off level interrupts with external interrupts disabled as

    Dale Rahn authored
    the off level interrupt could lead to a hang. Fixes hang seen by jasper@
Commits on Oct 21, 2011
  1. Pile of diffs to improve beagle/panda status. fetching u-boot parameters

    Dale Rahn authored
    out of the register input. (with a beagle_start.S fix from uwe@)
    Devices now detect device_id from u-boot and decide to enable/disable
    themselves in the device match routine. ok uwe@
  2. Set mp_nbusses such that the newly added bounds checks on i386 and amd64

    Mark Kettenis authored
    don't fail unconditionally.
  3. Add bounds checks for access to mp_busses.

    Mark Kettenis authored
  4. Add bounds checks for access to mp_busses. Also make sure that we don't

    Mark Kettenis authored
    accidentally use ISA or EISA interrupt mappings on PCI busses.
    ok jsg@
  5. strengthen some checks to prevent m_copy* routines from operating

    Mike Belopuhov authored
    on mbuf chains of insufficient length;  prevents crashes seen by
    dhill.  also bring in some chunks omitted in the nat64 commit and
    are essential for correct packet interpretation.
    tested by dhill and me, ok henning
  6. @miod

    Copy the DUID back and forth between the in-core label and the Motoro…

    miod authored
    …la VID
    block by using 8 unused bytes from the configuration substruct.
  7. @miod

    Fix 1.43 to not bzero the in-core disklabel but really the UniOS disk…

    miod authored
    as intended in disklabel_bsd_to_om(); repairs vnd operation. Found the
    hard way by aoyama@.
Commits on Oct 20, 2011
  1. regen

    Marco Pfatschbacher authored
  2. Add Stollmann Active USB ISDN Terminal Adapter.

    Marco Pfatschbacher authored
    OK jsg@
  3. Add Alcatel One Touch X210/X220 (another rebadged TCT Mobile modem)

    David Coppa authored
    ok sthen@, jsg@
  4. remove a bogus chunk accidentally introduced by mcbride in rev1.141;

    Mike Belopuhov authored
    mcbride agrees, ok mpf, dlg
Commits on Oct 19, 2011
  1. API change to initarm to pass arguments from the bootloader thru to MD

    Dale Rahn authored
    C code. Will be used on beagle to process machine id and atags.
    Looked at by uwe@, tested on beagle/armish/zaurus.
  2. Typo; from Brad

    Kevin Lo authored
  3. A missing part of an if statement meant we were writing out

    Jonathan Gray authored
    garbage when changing snoop related registers on pch2.
    Rework the code to remove the duplication and hopefully make
    this sort of thing less likely in future.
    Found and debugged by pedro. ok markus@
  4. Oh yeah, a cvs id is good

    Philip Guenther authored
  5. Add some missing bus_dmamap_sync()'s and sync the others with

    Kevin Lo authored
    the FreeBSD code.
    age(4) tested by Thomas Pfaff; alc(4) tested by Gabriel Linder;
    ale(4) tested by Johan Torin.
    From Brad
Commits on Oct 18, 2011
  1. the BIGLOCK flag is gone so remove it from the %b fmt string.

    David Gwynne authored
    ok oga@ miod@ guenther@ deraadt@
Commits on Oct 17, 2011
  1. @mpieuchot
  2. @mpieuchot

    Fix the synchronization of some alps pads, issue reported by Bryan (b…

    mpieuchot authored
    on misc@
    Similar diff tested by okan@ and Mathieu (ptr.jetable)
    ok shadchin@
  3. Change to use r8,r9,r10 instead of r0,r1,r2. This is necessary because

    Dale Rahn authored
    the bootloader passes data in r0,r1,r2 which needs to be preserved until
    the kernel is booted further.
  4. Add which is incomplete, but needs love.

    Dale Rahn authored
  5. Rules to build bsd.rd and bsd.umg, Should not be here, but until we get

    Dale Rahn authored
    bootloader working and rather than have several people maintain this
    in their own trees... As soon as a bootloader is written this can be removed.
Commits on Oct 16, 2011
  1. Use m_pullup() instead of IP6_EXTHDR_GET() to get the carp header

    Marco Pfatschbacher authored
    in the v6 input path. IP6_EXTHDR_GET() internally uses m_pulldown(),
    which might return a pointer to a different mbuf in the chain.
    In this case, carp_cksum() will be called with the wrong mbuf.
    This fixes occasional checksum mismatches.
    Problem found and initial fix by stsp@
    OK stsp@
  2. Provide battery charge/discharge rate in proper units.

    Mark Kettenis authored
    Based on a diff from Vladimir Kirrillov.
  3. TCB address should be reset when execing, to provide a clean setup for

    Philip Guenther authored
    the new image
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