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$OpenBSD: README,v 1.4 2000/04/21 03:10:30 pjanzen Exp $

Bog is a fairly portable simulation of Parker Brother's game of Boggle and
is similar to the 4.[23] BSD "boggle" and Sun's "boggletool".
Bog has not been derived from any proprietary code.
It has been tested on the Sun 3 under SunOS 3.2 and on the Atari 1040ST (MWC).

What You Need

You will need curses and a large word list.
The minix word list or /usr/dict/words will do nicely.
The word list must already be sorted (you can use "sort -c" to check).


	README		- this file
	bog.man		- half-hearted man page (use the game's help command)
	bog.h		- configuration and header info
	bog.c		- machine independent game code
	word.c		- machine independent word list routines
	help.c		- (curses) help routine
	mach.c		- (curses) display code
	prtable.c	- ditto
	timer.c		- machine dependent (os) input polling
	mkdict.c	- convert a word list to a bog dictionary
	mkindex.c	- create an index file for the bog dictionary
	showdict.c	- print a bog dictionary to stdout


- I've tried to make bog.c (the program logic) independent of the I/O.
  My plan was to make it straightforward to adapt the game to run under a
  windowing system (eg., Suntools, GEM).  I have no plan to actually do this.
  I've stuck to a small subset of the curses routines.
- The program runs with the input in raw mode.
- If you want the running timer you must #define TIMER in bog.h
  and insert the input polling code in timer.c for your system.  There is
  already code there for BSD, SYSV, and ATARI.


1. Check bog.h and Makefile and edit to fit your environment
2. "make all"
   This will make all the binaries and create the dictionary and index files
3. Move "dict", "dict.ind", and "helpfile" to where you specified in bog.h
4. Play away

Enjoy. [But beware: boggle can be addictive!]

Barry Brachman           | UUCP:    {alberta,uw-beaver,uunet}!
Dept. of Computer Science|           ubc-vision!ubc-csgrads!brachman
Univ. of British Columbia| Internet: brachman@cs.ubc.ca
Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1W5  |           brachman%ubc.csnet@csnet-relay.arpa
(604) 228-5010           | brachman@ubc.csnet