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- Fixed a missing alignment bug introduced to support windows eol
- Prefixed ocp-faces for cleaner namespace (requires replacement)
- Added "caml_like" and "caml" coloring themes.
- Added flymake support (contributed by Wojciech Meyer)
- Improved syntax coloring efficiency (reduced communication overhead)
- Improved completion efficiency (store intermediate envs)
- Enabled 3.11 binary compatibility
- Sorted typerex customization into consistent sections
- Cleanup the typerex/more menu and corrected contents
- Avoid unnecessary conflict with caml-mode
- Refactoring: clarify and separate editor-specifid code better
- Re-implemented RPC (Emacs-lisp side) on top to transaction queues
- Fixed error messages for longidents with applications
- Fixed -p, -i and other options in ocp-wrapper
- Fixed toplevel grep/rename in contextual menu
- Fixed dirname matching with trailing slash
- Fixed compatibility with older Emacs (emacs-mule / emacs-internal)
- Fixed cmt assignement when 1 cmt for 2 sources
- Fixed coloring of constructors in type definitions
- Fixed the crash when starting emacs on several files (>=3)
- Improved performance on large libraries (lazy environments, more cache)
- Fixed encoding bug with 3bytes utf8 characters
- Use the caml-mode error regexp instead of tuareg's
- Source extensions customizable (e.g., .eliom), mlp included by default
- Applied Jun Furuse's indentation patch and changed a few defaults
- Fixed wrapper for -a
- Allow to disable syntax coloring completely
- Fixed camlp4 first-class modules
- Less risky names in lisp code
- Slightly improved documentation (ocamlbuild, libraries, module packing)
- More robust ml/mli switching (contributed by Wojciech Meyer)
- Compiles with 3.11.2 as claimed (no more 3.12 syntax in the code)
- Use line/column positions instead of absolute bytes (fixes windows eol)
- Tuareg actions use TypeRex stdlib path instead of hard-coded default
- Made the prefix key customizable (C-o by default)
- Added option --disable-version-check to configure script
- first public release