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* Linux (32-bit or 64-bit) or MacOS (tested with 10.6.8)
* OCaml >= 3.11.2
* Emacs (Tested with 23.2.1, does not work under X-Emacs, reported
to work with Aquamacs but with performance issues)
* Gnu diff, present in PATH
1: ./configure [options]
Usefull options (examples):
do not check OCaml version (allows, e.g., ocaml-3.12.1-rc1)
default is a system-wide installation path
default is 'ocp-build' if found, `pwd`/boot/ocp-build.boot otherwise
default is to install Emacs auto-complete, unless found in lispdir
binary-annotate typerex sources (for typerex developpers)
2: make
3: sudo make install
Append (and/or customize) the contents of emacs.append to your ~/.emacs:
4: cat emacs.append >>~/.emacs
To remove installed binaries and libraries:
- sudo make uninstall