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Latest commit a3d6c14 Aug 19, 2011 Keir Fraser committed with jsgf mini-os: work around ld bug causing stupid CTOR count
I'm seeing pvgrub crashing when running CTORs.  It appears its because
the magic in the linker script is generating junk.  If I get ld to
output a map, I see:

.ctors          0x0000000000097000       0x18
                0x0000000000097000                __CTOR_LIST__ = .
                0x0000000000097000        0x4 LONG 0x25c04
                (((__CTOR_END__ - __CTOR_LIST__) / 0x4) - 0x2)
 .ctors         0x0000000000097004       0x10
                0x0000000000097014        0x4 LONG 0x0
                0x0000000000097018                __CTOR_END__ = .

In other words, somehow ((0x97018-0x97000) / 4) - 2 = 0x25c04

The specific crash is that the ctor loop tries to call the NULL
sentinel.  I'm seeing the same with the DTOR list.

Avoid this by terminating the loop with the NULL sentinel, and get rid
of the CTOR count entirely.

From: Jeremy Fitzhardinge <jeremy@goop.org>
Signed-off-by: Keir Fraser <keir@xen.org>